Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 1

so this is my first blog.....interesting..... the only reason why i started this blog is because i am bored at the moment. i dont want to study right's a thursday nite! and you know what thats all aboout: thirsty thursdays!!! and boy am i

i was thinkin, maybe i wouldnt be so bored if i studied, but thats all my friend berniemac does.... she studies her brains out. always studyin for her physiology class. or maybe i wouldnt be bored if i had a boyfriend, but that sounds so low of me. i am after all an independent woman, right? or maybe if i went off campus, but times is hard. honestly, i currently have $1.04 in my checking. how sad....

but yeah, a lil bit bout myself. i am currently a sophomore at penn state university [psu] (but at one of the commonwealth campuses: mont alto). i am trying to pursue my dream of being a chef. i still am not sure of what i want to do with my life. my parents tell me to take it up with the G-O-D, which is something i am disgraced to say that i havent done yet. I NEED JESUS!!!!!! but yeah anyways, i can't do culinary arts at psu, so i have decided to pursue a career in french, the business option. maybe i'll do a semester abroad in france, and hopefully make some connections over there. but yeah.... lemme find something to do wit myself. catch you on the flip side