Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Just Sex. No Emotions.

It seems as if there is a growing turnout of films such as Friends with Benefits and No Strings Attached coming out, which play on the friends with benefits, 'it's just sex' type of lifestyle that some people live. I think this FWB lifestyle is becoming an increasingly growing phenom, with more and more men AND women not wanting to be in actual relationships. They just want someone to fuck, maybe cuddle with, and will go home afterwards. Basically no strings attached, an agreement of not seeking a relationship.

Now. I don't participate in these this type of behavior/relationship [I'm not sexually active], and even though it's my blog and I say what I want, I'm not necessarily here to condemn anyone who has FWBs. Personally, I believe that this isn't a good lifestyle. And with all these films coming out, which glorify this topic, what does it say about our culture? Is it saying that we cannot as a people deal with monogamous relationships? After look at the divorce rate in the country! What does this also possibly say us other than our love lives? Can it also say that the Americans do not believe in meaningful relationships; as in how does this play out politically and otherwise? How is it that the world views us?

What They Wore

(photo and outfit info via Who What Wear) Click to enlarge

What They Wore:

Ryan Gosling
- Wearing : 3.1 Philip Lim jacket, greent tshirt, Levi's lace up boots
- Achieve the look with : [MCQ] worn leather jacket, pocket tshirt, slim fit jeans (no, not skinnies!), [Quoddy] leather lace up boots

Jamie Hince
- Wearing : navy blazer with light blue trim, blue tshirt, dark wash jeans, gray seude
- Achieve the look with : [Burberry London Mansford Peak Lapel] blazer, [Acne] tshirt, [Burberry Prorsum] slim fit jeans (skinny fit), [Rag & Bone] worn leather belt, [Margiela] scored leather boots

Jim Sturgess
- Wearing : Lanvin suit + shirt
- Achieve the look with : [Alexander McQueen Prince of Wales] check suit jacket + trousers, [Paul Smith London] white striped cuff shirt, [Polo Ralph Lauren] reversible leather belt, [Paul Smith] vintage style leather brogues (worn look)

Penn Badgley
- Wearing : Calvin Klein shirt, Marc Jacobs pants, Margiela shoes
- Achieve the look with : [Yves Saint Laurent] fitted shirt, [Etro] straight leg trousers, [Margiela] slip on/laceless oxfords

- Wearing : Creme blazer, white tee, Balmain jeans, Stubbs & Wootton slippers
- Achieve the look with : [Richard James] suit jacket, [Acne] scoopneck tshirt, [Rag & Bone] straight washed jeans, [Luis Morais 14k yellow] gold anchor + skull bracelets, [Church] slippers

Colin Egglesfield
- Wearing : Dolce & Gabbana suit, Hugo Boss shoes
- Achieve the look with : [Dolce & Gabbana Martini] wool + silk blend suit, [Ralph Lauren Black Label] formal shirt, [Gucci] classic leather belt, [Jimmy Choo Mayfair Derby] dress shoes

Andrew Garfield
- Wearing : Band of Outsidders suit, Dolce & Gabbana shirt, Prada tie, Rachel Corney shoes
- Achieve the look with : [Burberry London] two-button wool suit, [Gucci] slim fit cotton shirt, [Dolce & Gabbana] narrow knitted tie, [Charvet] silk polka dot pocket square, [Dolce & Gabbana] patent leather derby shoes

Monday, October 3, 2011

Aston Mozie SS 2012

Bloggers Quinn Aston and Ugo Mozie have upgraded their style blogging talents to a luxe dinner jacket line.

I have to say that I'm impressed and like what I see.

Thanks to One Nigerian Boy for these pics.

I think the jackets look pretty good. My faves are the white with gold button, the orange, and the black. They're pretty classic. Although my one issue is the small fit look. I'm not always all for that look, it looks uncomfortable to wear, and just looks small.

All in all, good collection. I hope to see more from the AstonMozie duo.