Friday, July 31, 2009

DIY from express newspaper!


ok, so iWas readin this weekend's express paper when iStumbled upon the 'make your own masterpiece' article! [uber-excitement] it gives simple recipes for making your own Warhol, for probly a tiny fraction of what you may have spent on the real deal. iTotally loved this article, and iLook forward to making my own warhols, cuz frankly, idk'd where to start! iHave always had an artsy side to myself [which probly takes up more than iKnow, but i've ignored it iGuess] and iWld really like to express it this summer, as soon as iFind the nearest michaels craft store to me [or iMay resort to online purchasing]

these are instructions on how to make a couple abstracts for the beautification of your dwelling, check it out ASAP!

photo art

Thursday, July 30, 2009

twingo [twitter lingo]

ok, so iSaid iWas gonna post some of common words you may see on twitter. iMyself am still learning what some of these lil phrases mean...

  • <3>
  • FB - Facebook
  • FML - F*** My Life
  • FTW - For The Win, enthusiasm/recommendation
  • FTL - For The Loss, complaint/dissaproval
  • GAC - Get A Clue
  • IMHO - In My Honest Opinion
  • JSYK - Just So You Know
  • LMK - Let Me Know
  • twitch - intense need to tweet
  • WGACA - What Goes Around Comes Around
any other "twerms" iFound iDidn't find necessary. BUT if you find/use/heard of anymore, be sure to comment

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

thebeamup front

alright, alright. iWill post 'The Beam Up'

DC artist Kingpen Slim, is one of those that will put DC on the map [musically].

sound: something, you'll be glad you heard

current hits/singles: "powder 4 da babies"

make sure you download!!!!! ASAP. trust, you won't regret!

write up from Too Hood 4 Hollywood:

"The Beam the culmination of 3 months of commitment, hard work, and wonderful musical talents coming together!Kingpen Slim is one of The DMV's best artist..ask your favorite rapper from DC about Kingpen Slim...ask Wale, ask Tabi Bonney, ask Raheem Devaughn, ask Rich Harrison, ask them about Kingpen Slim...or better yet don't ask anybody...Download Kingpen Slim's The Beam Up album now for free...16 joints introducing Kingpen Slim to the world.

Kingpen Slim's The Beam Up, project features some of the DMV's best artist like, Raheem Devaughn, Tabi Bonney, Kevin Ross, Phil Ade, Don Juan, XO, Mo Chips, and the helm of the production...was The DMV's own DJ J Buttah...producing most of the album connecting with Slim to bring his one of kind artistry to the main stage! Also on production...Team Demo(Illa Gee, 50 Cent), Best Kept Secret(Wale), Lionell Davis(Richcraft), Dope Sunny(Phil Ade). "

be sure to also visit for other rich hood knowledge.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

hair bizniz

ok, so iHope we've all been able to digest the recent bald madness of femme celebs....

iDecided to put out a poll, to find out exactly who is lovin this look, and who thinks some folks are looking for attn....

my personal opinion. amber rose "started" it, even though it's been a style for who knows how long [just not a popular style] then came cassie w/ the one side of her noggin. who's cut did iLike best? i'm gonna go with lala vasquez. hers wasn't too flashy, but it was cute, something that can be covered well, in case piece of bald head isnt look she may go for on any given day. iThought rihanna's was the worst. vogue photoshoot or not, that's what we have lace wigs for! [did the stylist @ vogue not watch that season of top model when they had the bald head shots?!?!?!] and although solange rocked a real low cut when she was preggers, iDont think she shlda brought the look back. at least, not like that [looks like when my lil'est bro doesnt comb his hair!] but everyone's entitled to their own opinion, right? [i'm having trouble putting the poll in this post, so just comment for now...]

Monday, July 27, 2009

right hand hi

how cld iEven forget to post about Kid Sister?!?!?!!?
she's back with a new single, 'right hand hi'. the chi-town native rapper that we know for 'pro nails' feat. kanye, is getting ready to release her debut album sometime later this year.
we love her fun music, what iLike to call electro-hop [electronic/hip hop]..... and can't wait for her album to drop.
make sure you check out her other song, 'get fresh', off this coming album, and more on her myspace []
Listen to 'Right Hand Hi'.

Friday, July 24, 2009

style file

iKnow its a small pic, but iWanted y'all to get the idea. its abercrombie and it's range of patterns for plaid shirts. iNever saw so many at the same time in my life [haha]. so go out to your local abercrombie and cop you one or two.

and pair them with a nice pair of dark [like these nudie average joe dry heavy] or light wash [levi's low skinny 531 erin] jeans, or some deconstructs [william rast sadie straight leg jupiter wash].

and you can not forget my fav item this coming season: cowboy/western boots.

Style file

hey evryone, iForgot to mention [although iDid so on twitter] that there is this website with which iHave recenetly fallen in love with [esp when i'm bored and on some down time]. its Looklet. and its great for those of us that like playing with fashion and making up outfits before they are bought, and ready to be put on.

its almost like paper dolls, only WAYYY better. there are some glitches that they can improve on, but regardless this is great. you can creat outfits and save them to your page, and like other users and their outfits.

i want you to go check this out now! and check me out on there too.

here are a couple of the ones ive done so far.

look image
look image
look image
look image

beautiful people

[nicole + natalie @ a swatch event]

well, it's been a while since we heard from r&b/pop duo Nina Sky, but they are back. if you remembered, or havent heard, last yr they had a song out w/ rick ross, 'curtain call' [which iJam to every once in a while]. and if you dont know that one, then you'll def remember their 04 hit 'move ya body'

the twin sisters are back, with a brand new rap, erhem, sorry. with some brand new lyrics, rather. and a new look... not bad [iThink they look cute]

but yeah, check out their latest single 'beautiful people'

and watch out for their 2nd album due in october

make sure you check their Myspace for more info: