Wednesday, July 4, 2012

This Week on Facebook

So there has been talk all over Facebook about the controversial statement of this young woman:

Once I clicked the link, and saw this photo, I was like YES! Yes, I may not be a feminist per say, but I do agree that there are certain rights that women should have. It's no longer a man's world, but a world that is shared by both men and women, who are EQUAL (of course there's always gonna be one person who may be "better" than another, male or female, but that's not the point!).

As I scrolled down the page, I started to read some of the comments, some to which I agree very much.

This one by user helavagal:
I think you all are not getting the point.  We need feminism because unfortunately the men of this country have taken upon themselves to "rule" over women - (see Muslim texts for similarities please).  I am personally tired of having to tell my girls (just as I was told when I was a child) that they must not wear a certain thing or be out past a certain time because the tyrants of this country cannot keep themselves zipped up when they see a little skin.  Did you know that the US is in the top 5 countries of the world in women being raped?  This is empowerment of the men to control women - so is killing Planned Parenthood, taking away our birth control and then leaving us alone to take care of unplanned children.  Men do not suffer with these things - women do.  I don't have to tell my son "be careful and don't get pregnant" but I do educate my son on how to treat women.  We are not meat for men to have their way and then throw us away - we are people.  I am so sick of all of the rights that are being taken away from women and not from men.  I truly think that women should close their legs and we start our own colonies until men figure out that we are not possessions and start treating us as equals - whether its through health care, equal pay, or whatever.  I also think that we are way to uptight about a lot of things here in this country.  Breast feeding is not accepted but a half naked woman selling items on TV is fine.  I truly think we as a nation need to start rethinking our morals and ask TRUTHFULLY what would Jesus do.  Nothing like this I can tell you that.
 A responder, Tim, to helavagal's post:
Well, youre kind of implying that all men rape women, I agree, america is a really screwed up country. But it seems like youre trying to make men sound like they have it easy. Im jsut saying. If a girl hits a guy and the police gets called. The guy goes to jail. If theres a custody battle. The girl gets the kids and child support. If a girl is drunk, walking the streets causing trouble. she gets a ride home. If a guy was on the streets hed be locked up with no questions asked
This dickhead. In some cases, if not most, this may be true (about the custody battle, domestic violence/assault), however from what I've seen, a guy will not be locked up, no questions asked, if he was on the street drunk. I believe that it's only if a person is out of control, breaking some law, causing a public disturbance while drunk will the police then get involved. As for a woman being the drunk person, the same goes, and should she get a ride home, it is always because of that fear that something may happen to her, whether it be rape, getting picked up by the wrong person who may even kill her. But yes, not all men rape women.

And just under Tim's response, a more intelligent man named Austin Marriner responded:
While not all men rape women, it's a fact that the vast, vast majority of all perpetrated rapes are committed by men (18% of all women in the U.S., according to the Department of Justice, opposed to 3.3% for men). The simple base facts of the matter is that it's not easy being alive. Male or female, white, black, brown, yellow or purple, straight or gay. It's rough out there. Life isn't fair... it never has been. Yet, that does not mean in any way that we should ever stop striving to perfect this imperfect world in which we live. It is only when all have abandoned hope in a better tomorrow that we, as a race, are doomed.
Claiming that it's rough to be a man in this kind of discussion is akin to saying that because it's hard to play chess, it must be hard to play baseball because they're both games. While they both may be hard, they are not mutually inclusive in the least and any attempt to draw that parallel is just as wrong as any attempt to draw a parallel between being a man and a woman in today's society. Yes, we are both human, just as chess and baseball are both games, but for all our attempts to even the score on the sexes, we are still dreadfully short of any form of equality.
To use your own example, if I'm walking down the street drunk, then I have to worry about being robbed... beaten up possibly, having to cancel my credit cards, go the the DMV and get a new license, so on and so forth. Yes, that's a hassle... yes, it would suck. However, now picture yourself as a woman. Stack all that suckiness on top of being forced to engage in sexual activities. Beaten... forcefully stripped... they're not only taking your easily replaced physical belongings and giving you a bump on the head. They're taking your humanity. Your dignity. Your self-esteem. They're making you less than human. Think about that for a minute and then tell me that it's oh so hard to be a male in our society.
I almost go back to episodes of SVU or other shows were they try to explain that it's not a woman's fault that she gets raped or some other crime is committed against her. Maybe, yes her clothing or behavior may incite it, but it's never her fault. But this issue goes beyond rape; it's about the rights of women. I may not be 100% behind some of the ideas of Planned Parenthood, Pro-Life/Choice, etc, but these are the rights and decisions that women in this country ought to have. And changing these programs or even eliminating, seems to send the U.S. back into the same level of what goes on in other countries where women don't have very many rights.

Here is another comment from Stargrunt:
 I think the whole femanazi thing is well intended, but its far more fundamental then you describe it. We teach people "don't get raped" because we, as a society, recognize (and in doing so fail to discourage properly) the rape itself.
But take it farther then that, take it past a man raping a woman (or a man raping another man, or even a woman raping a man, both of which are considered far too lightly by feminists I feel) and look at our lives in general. Replace "rape" with general bad behavior and bad ethics. We teach our children, and ourselves, to avoid identity theft, avoid getting screwed over, avoid bad people.
This is not a failing of MEN or MEN IN CHARGE. this is a failing of society. If you can't realize this then you have your own personal problems with men, and there's no room for that in a logical or ethical discussion.

So many other foolish and intelligent comments on, to read them click here.

But what's your take on this image, or even the debate about rape?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Resume Do's & Don't's

Just read this article on Yahoo.Thought I'd share since the economy and job market we're in isn't as prospective as it once was, and people are losing their job everyday and having trouble finding new ones, especially fresh-out-of-college kids.

10 Things to Leave Off Your Resume

1. An Objective
" Resume objectives never help and often hurt... they're all about what you want, rather than what this stage of the hiring process is all about-- what the employer wants... resume should be about showing your experience, skills, and accomplishments. If you want to talk about how this particular position is the perfect next step in your career, use the cover letter for that. "

- I for one, never ever included an objective in my resume once I started making them. However, last fall when planning to attend my school's career fair, I got my resume reviewed at the career center, where they told me to add an objective. So was I right all along?!

2. Short-term Jobs
" Short-term jobs raise red flags for hiring managers, who will wonder if you were fired, couldn't do the work, or had trouble getting along with co-workers. Plus, a few months on a job won't typically be useful in showing any real accomplishments or advancement anyway. One exception to this rule is if the job was short-term because it was designed that way ... Those won't raise the sorts of questions above, because you'll have an explanation that doesn't reflect on you poorly. "

- Honestly, all I have on my resume ARE short-term jobs. And that's only because that's how the job was designed. I've never had the time for a full-time/long term job... Just my personal experience.

3. A Functional  Format
" Functional resumes (which list skills and abilities without including a chronological job history) are widely hated by employers, since they easily mask limited work experience or significant work gaps and make it difficult to understand a candidate's career progression."

4. Your Photo
" Unless you're applying for a job as a model or actor, photos of yourself have no place on your resume.Your appearance has nothing to do with your ability to do the job, including a photo comes across as naive and unprofessional. "

- Does anyone actually include a photo of themselves? My response to anyone, non model or actor : Lame! You would only send in a photo is you are asked to do so. Please don't make this mistake people.

5. A Fancy Design
" What most hiring managers think when we see a resume with unusual design or use of color: Does this candidate think that their skills and achievements won't speak for themselves? Do they not understand what employers are looking for? Do they put an inappropriate emphasis on appearances over substance? "

- Sigh. I've never had a designed resume, but you'd think that in this time, when it's all about promoting yourself and your personality, that a designed resume would be nice. NOT! Unless you are of course, applying to a design job.

6.  Subjective Descriptions
" Your resume is for experience and accomplishments only. It's not the place for subjective traits, like "great leadership skills" or "creative innovator." Smart employers ignore anything subjective that applicants write about themselves because so many people's self-assessments are wildly inaccurate - stick to objective facts. "

- Awh, I'm a culprit of this. Yes, my resume has these "subjective" traits about me, and only because they are true.

7. Mention of High School
" More than a few years past your high school graduation date, employers don't care which high school you attended or how accomplished you were there. "

- I think I'm still a culprit of this point too. My high school was a great school when I went there (I'm not sure what's going on there these days though..)

8.  Extra Pages
" If you're in your 20s, your resume should only be one page; there's not enough experience to justify a second one. If you're older, two pages are fine, but you go over that limit at your own peril. Hiring managers may spend only 20 or 30 seconds on your application initially, so extra pages are either ignored or they dilute the impact of the others. Your resume should be for highlights, not extensive detail. "

- I like this, only more than a page, if you are older and more experienced, but still cautionary.

9. Your Salary
" Resumes don't typically include a salary history, so candidates who include it come across as naive. And by sharing that information unbidden, you'll also compromise your negotiating power later. "

- Duly noted! Although, why would you even put it on there?! Whoever hires you would def use it to their advantage, and you could end up paid less than you could've been paid.

10. Mention of references - including "references available upon request"
" You don't need to say that you'll provide references if asked, because that goes without saying...  it takes up space you could use for something else."

- Oh yeah, I used to have this on my resume, until I got tired of it making it 2 pages. That was annoying. Good to know it is unnecessary!

So, I hope reading this will give tips on how to have a good resume and help get those top dollar jobs. I know I'll be taking a looksy over my resume as soon as possible.


So, I have been VERY awol from my blog for a long time. Honestly, I never find time for it. I'm always doing something else, whether it be school, home, other blog sites etc.

BUT I will try to keep up as often as possible, I'll be done with school this year, so I hope to have more time to blog!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bringing Fun to Conservative Dress

Suits, blazers, sports coats, collared shirts, ties and slacks. They were all what we'd leave for the uptight, tres serious folks down Wall Street, Capitol Hill and the firms. But we've seen the re-emergence of the suit and tie OUTSIDE of the workplace. We see renditions of the skinny tie, slim blazer and trousers at parties, clubs, church! and it's a great, great look.

That being said, I was glad when I stumbled upon a post on FreshWallStreet on the brand Mr. Bathing Ape. Now, everyone should've heard by now about the A Bathing Ape/BAPE brands, and although I'm not too into the brand, I think I know BAPE when I see it. Also, I'm not familiar with the Mr. Bathing Ape brand, I'm just hearing of it. But I def liked what I saw.

Mr. Bathing Ape FW 11

So, Mr. Bathing Ape is a brand by Bathing Ape along with United Arrow, and it brings the fun and quirk of BAPE to the ole suit and tie uniform. Just think "grown up Bathing Ape". With this brand we get herringbone and leather with camo and fun graphics on pocket squares and loafers. I think it's a charming way for those laidback guys to look and feel a part.

Here's some pieces from their fall collection.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

"It's a Girl"

I like to post videos and documentaries about societal issues from time to time. They're are important to each and everyone one of us. Why? Because these are the things that are happening and going on around us and in the world that we live in today. Some of these issues, you'd find hard to think that they are still happening in this modern age, but they are.

This is the video trailer is about a documentary abour women killing the unborn, and more importantly, unwanted, infant daughters as part as what has been called a "gendercide".

I haven't watched this yet, but I can say in  the least that it should be interesting.

Here is an excerpt about the documentary :

" In India, China and many other parts of the world today, girls are killed, aborted and abandoned simply because they are girls. The United Nations estimates as many as 200 million girls are missing in the world today because of this so-called "gendercide".

This documentary film tells the stories of abandoned and trafficked girls, of women who suffer extreme dowry-related violence, of brave mothers fighting to save their daughters' lives, and of other mothers who would kill for a son. Global experts and grassroots activists put the stories in context and advocate different paths towards change, while collectively lamenting the lack of any truly effective action against this injustice.

Learn more about the film and sign up for email updates at

And this is a note via climateadaptation :
“It’s a Girl” is a jaw-dropping documentary about women killing their unwanted newborn daughters. I’ve written dozens of posts about women, women’s rights, and vulnerability to climate change, here. The climate connection can be found in my post on a report covering Adaptation, Gender, and Women’s empowerment, here.

You know, it's really sad to see that countries such as China have rules and regulations about reproduction, limiting how many children a couple can have. It's just moronic, and you really can't believe that this is life, this is what civilization has come to.

There's got to be a way to change this world.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Jason Wu for Target Collection

Yep yep yep! Target is back again with their designer collab collections. So get ready to "Wu" yourself! :)

Textured Pleated-Front Peplum Top in Gold, $33. Pleated Skirt in Black, $30. Floral Lace Clutch in Black, $30.
Pleated Shift Dress in Blush Stripes, $40. Woven Mini Saddle Bag in Cream, $25.
Trench Coat in Black, $55. Flared Dress in Black with Nude Patent Belt, $60.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What A Legacy

It is with sadness that I say, today we, the body of Penn State, have lost someone very dear to us.

Just almost half past 9 o'clock this morning, Joseph 'Joe' Vincent Paterno, fondly known as JoePa to many, passed away. He was admitted recently to Mount Nittany Hospital due to complications of lung cancer. It was just shortly after his rude dismissal from his position as Penn State Football's Head Coach, that he was diagnosed.

Rest In Peace to Penn State's Father & Grandfather, Joe Paterno.

No one can ever replace him. What he has done for my school is on end, 60 years+ dedicated to Penn State and its football program, yet he had to go out in a sad fashion. The most winning football coach in history. We'll remember you forever, Joe!

I'm sure that JoePa LIVED for Penn State. What he did for this school: the library, grants and scholarships. Not to mention the hundreds of young men he raised and touched through the Nittany Lion football program. And for him to be plucked out of this university the way he was, it must have put him in a state of sadness. Regardless of the lung cancer, he had to have died of a broken heart.


Forget that he wasn't perfect [concerning the Sandusky scandal], this man was singlehandedly PENN STATE.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globes 2012 Red Carpet

Award shows happen year round, every year. And it's that time again, and the Globes are here again. And everyone knows, we all like to find the hits and misses as well as deconstruct all the looks that appear on the red carpet.

So here're  my faves and not so favorites from last night.

Ariel Winter, Modern Family
Elle MacPherson

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Echoes of Silence

Newcomer on the scene, The Weeknd, is out with a third mixtape, Echoes of Silence.

The Weeknd is def one to follow. Not sure what his next moves are considering his music. Should we look forward to an album, or more mixtapes??

And once again, he/they (I hear it's actually a two-person group) deliver that good ish.

Click the pic to download

And if you haven't listened to his previous tapes, get 'em at

Tip: I tried to download the hulkshare version, didn't work, hence the datpiff link on the picture.
Ok, so I should have done this last week before my first posts of the year, but hey, it's still early in enough in the year!

Click Me!

 Happy New Year :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's an Addiction

Just peeped these two pieces from Thakoon Addition on the Satine Boutique site.

I love, love, love! I really do love maxi skirts, and dresses. They're always cute, and can help hide the good, bad and ugly that I don't wanna show. Ie, if they're aren't a bodycon maxi :)

I really love the print of the the skirt. It's so light, and reminds me of going somewhere to an island or somewhere exotic like Santorini ^_^ on holiday!

As for damage, the Slit Maxi Skirt will get you for 390$ and the Ruffle Dress for 650$.

I like how they styled the skirt for the home page.

Utility boots, a floral maxi, and a tee = yes please! Would be a cute 'fit for a chill day, shopping, sitting outside at cafes, and thrifting in L.A. ;)

Phlo Finister Channeling her Inner Aaliyah

Dope song. I can't say that Miss Finister particularly captured the sound of Aaliyah, but she pulled it off with her look here. Get her mixtape/EP, Crown Gold which features this song Shades, here.

On another note, I see Rochelle Jordan as the modern day Aaliyah, musically. Stay tuned to a post on her music.

Watch the video for her song Bang Bang, also on the Crown Gold EP. It was the first I had heard of her music, I was in like. Pretty good stuff.

Phlo Finister | "BANG BANG" from 3qtr on Vimeo.

Do I Spot a DIY coming???

Spotted: A snood. I think this can be a potentially easy DIY. Think: cut old sweater, or even buying from a fabric store? I certainly do think so!

French Connection Snood
Another snood I've seen that's cute is the Irregular Choice sequin snood. Get it while it's on sale, here!