Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blushing Nude

so iGot the idea for this post from my Piperlime email of Rachel Zoe's latest picks! [which are neutrals]

iThought that the particular Milly dress and L.A.M.B. sandals shown were awesome.

even more on the L.A.M.B. sandals, the straps are twisted to show that it's leather side!

iThink the best way to achieve this look is by simply pairing light, floaty pieces [ie dress/blouse] w some tough accessories like shoes and/or jewelry.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

saw this post on this girl's blog [she went to my HS].

how many friends do you have that fit this description?

im thinkin some[one] in my circle of buddies, or  "crew",  mite fit this description, and im gonna have to cut them off sometime...


All girlfriends ain't "GOOD girlfriends"

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


so iJust re-did my layout.. is it nice? thought i'd try something a lil different...

im still tryna get a hang of this blogging stuff, and tryna learn a lil html, so iCan figure out exactly how to use Blogger to its fullest potential!

iJust created some new pages... but im tryna figure out, how to put posts, under certain labels, on the different pages. SO IF YOU KNOW HOW THAT WORKS, PLS LET ME KNOW ASAP!

thanx for blogging w me!!!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

random StyleFile

if you havent visited Karla Deras' blog, do so!

iLove her style! 

just thought i'd post this outfit, cuz iLove it! its an example of how you can wear non matchy colors, but still they come together! iThink some ppl still have a hard time realizing this, always thinkin oh but green doesn't go with peach [actually thats a real nice combo ;) ] but really you can put forest green, peach, burgundy and gold [something like a peach blouse, green/burgundy blazer/whatever, burgundy/green bottom and gold accessories wld pair nicely] together and still look fab!

visit Karla's Closet! and also check for her collectible bag! [isnt that cool?!?!]

photo via: Karla's Closet

Monday, June 7, 2010

shootin the breeeeeeeze

lol, so im tryna work on a lil photography skills =D

iRandomly shot a couple pics of the garden for the IES Center in Paris...

all the pics were point-and-shoot except for the last 3.. iSet it on some mode, and now iGotta try'n figure it out again!

im learning!

i'd really like to learn how to photo flowers/nature and stuff though... iThink its cool

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Trend Report

so it looks like Leopard Print is back as a trend!

it was in probly a couple yrs ago, and its making its way back for Fall 2010.

the thing w trends is that they are in and out and never go away...

here's some accessories that ELLE suggests for the upcoming season.

its just something iLove about this photo. perhaps its the contrast of her nail polish and the blouse plus the gold accents all over

photo via: Bijou in the City

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Diner A La Tour Eiffel

so this past week, as part of my orietation program, we had dinner at the Eiffel Tower!!

And lemme tell you, IT WAS GOOD ;)

and of course, me enjoying my meal  =)


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So how much does my life suck rite now...

Im been crying, and walking all over JFK airport so much that my feet now hurt. Why is this? I lost my phone in the ladies restroom by Gate 34. I can even say that someone stole my phone.

How did this happen you say? Well would you believe it, I was washing my hands and set my phone on the counter, wiped my hands and started heading towards Gate 8, to wait for my flight to Paris. I rounded the corner, after a long walk, to find gates 1-18[?] and I stopped to check the time, only to find out that I couldn’t FIND my phone! This is the first time I've left my phone in such a public setting! Its one thing to leave your phone at your friends house, but I forgot it in the bathroom at JFK int'l aiport! WTFF! What was wrong w me???? I asked myself over and over. How cld I be so absentminded to lose my phone!

I rushed back to the restroom, saw the indian ppl I was sitting nxt to on the plane… I wonder if they saw me leave my phone? I went back in the bathroom, and my phone was not there. I started panicking. How is anyone gonna reach me? What am I gonna do? How cld I have been so stupid as to forget my phone in there?!?!?!? Where was my head at?!?!?

I had this attendant make an announcement to find out if anyone had my phone; no success. I called my dad, then my mom, they didn’t answer. I really started crying.

I've left two voicemails trying to see if whoever has my phone will give it to me at my Gate…

I filed a police report for my missing phone…

I continued calling myself hoping, just hoping that this female wld pick up :(

I called my dad again, and he answered. I started balling, and telling him that my phone was gone, he didn’t even understand me. Told me to calm down. Said he saw my first calls, and it touched him that it mite be me… he tried calling back, but the number wldnt go through.

So my dad told me to see if I cld buy a new phone, here or in Paris… im surprised that my dad didn’t start yelling at me. That’s sooo his nature when someone does something foolish… he said as long as I have everything else, I shld just keep em safe…


Flight to JFK

So we rode in this lil airplane to NY. And never in my life have I had a flight like it. I was scared. As. Shit.

Yes, I had to be oh so blunt.

I had to close my eyes too, not only cuz I havent gotten much sleep In the past couple days, but also bcuz I just didn’t wanna  see/hear what I was flying in/above.

I was so scared, and I've never been scared of flying! I've been on airplanes since I was ten! Flown thousands of miles, several hrs before and wass never scared like so. Omg, like I really was afraid that we were gonna crash/fall, cuz that’s what it felt like to me… smh

Wow. I don’t think I've ever been so scared in my life. I hope that come july 9, when im flyin back to DC that the flight will not be like that again.

Ima need for them to put me on a bigger plane, cuz I did NOT feel safe at ALL.

NEXT TIME: I will NOT be flying American Airlines, esp not one of their small planes. Please put me back with Air France, at least I feel safe w them...

So, I'm posting the things i jotted down while traveling to France, because i didnt have the internet!!!!!

Ok. Its official. This WILL  BE the last time I fly American Airlines, both continental and international. This company is the WORST. They don’t even have tvs on the back of each seat! Yeah, im stickin to Air France. AIR FRANCE all the way for me… their planes are lil as sh*t smh.

I will not be booking another American Airlines flight again. And hopefully, I don’t get scared this time either…

Well, lemme read my new book/magazines