Saturday, September 19, 2009

fashion files

so, iAlso saw this on concreteloop, and iHave to say, this was also not a good look. this is a pic of michelle williams in london iBelieve...

iAm not in love with this look. there's so much goin on w/ this dress, specifically the belt.

where the dress went wrong: the capsleeves. if it was a sleeveless dress, it'd be beautiful. and a plunging neckline wld've def helped out... and it has a nice back [checkpic on concreteloop]

where michelle went wrong: her hairstyle is NOT for this look, maybe not for her either. this short cut makes her face look very long and her overall appearance: skin-ty. iWlda like to see the long loose curls she had in her random mag spread w/ this dress, wlda been a better look.

brand new j*davey

omg, iSo luh this song! iDont even listen to j*davey, but once iHeard this song.... iWas ttly lovin it!

make me, janet jackson

so, before the beloved michael jackson passed, janet jackson had announced that she was working on a new album. i'm not sure how much she's been working since MJ's death, but from the look of her performance at the vma's a week ago.... janet looks like she's ready to bring it to us! yeah! [iReally enjoyed discipline]

so here's a listen of one of her new songs, make me'.

zSHARE - Janet Jackson - Make Me.mp3

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Video jukebox: ester dean ft. chris brown

so, iHeard this song a while ago, when ester dean was hiding behind some curtain... apparently no one has seen what she looks like, until her video for 'drop it low' dropped a couple days ago. iLike this upbeat song, makes ' booty, booty pop...' [LOL]

fashion files 1

ok, so i've been stalling on getting out this critique for jordin's wardrobe. not that she's the only celeb to wear bad outfits, but she is the only one iSee it as a costant. but via concreteloop today, iSaw a couple pics of her at the vh1 divas event.

well, not that iLike this outfit... but iThink this is the only time when iThink ms sparks has looked decent. the dress may be a lil matronly, and the orange nail polish cld've been a different color, but iThink for once her stylist almost did right.

actually, iReally wanna know who dresses her. take a look at the nxt outfit... not a good look...

Monday, September 7, 2009

don't worry

iShld be starting w/ the analysis/analization [is that a word?] of jordin sparks wardrobe! coming this wk!

dirty money

so, how many have been tuning in to diddy's latest musical creation? the group: diddy [funny iNever knew diddy was actually IN the group...], kalenna and dawn richard [former DK member] have graced us with their newest track 'love come down (show em how to move)' iActually think its a great listen, besides diddy... [yea he always sounds corny...]

but iOnly thought dirty money was one of diddy's bands....? not that he was in the group too.... is that what the show making HIS band is all about? you know i've never seen the show before so iWldn't know.... anywho...

and be sure to check out more of dirty money, who will also be performing on diddy's nxt project, last train to paris [sep 22]

drake - fear

alright, so i'm back from my own laptop!

thought i'd post about this latest drake track entitled "fear" raise ya hand if you've heard it already... [lol] but yeah, not bad not bad. the track fetures drake expresses his issues w/ his newfound fame, such as how his old friends think they're not friends anymore/how he's forgotten them.... yada yada. but iThink we all know by now that famous ppl aren't always happy being famous. iMean look at the ones that have taken their on lives, or who have serious problems with drugs and alcohol. iGuess fame isn't all its made to be huh?

well, make sure you check it. download from october's very own blog or listen on concreteloop.