Saturday, July 30, 2011

How-To: Tie a Turband

Follow these really simple steps to create your fashionable turband look!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Inspiration: Decor

Since I've been attached to Tumblr lately, I've discovered the vast amount of interior design, decor, and outdoor design pictures going through my Tumblr, either by me reblog-ing or liking.

I have a fascination with this type of design, and thought I'd post some photos of things that inspire me for my future apartment and home(s)!
[click on the photos to enlarge]

To see more spaces, visit my tagged photos at

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

L'Homme Officiel

I am just loving this post on Il Etait Une Fois...

Who doesn't love an impeccably, nicely dressed man?! Seriously Milan Vukmirovic does it over and over again. His style is just way too cool.

It's no secret that I LOVE olive/military green. So this pic automatically won me over.

Click the link above for more of the picture post about Milan.

Friday, July 8, 2011

More Lady in WHITE

I've recently done bridal posts, even though I'm NOT getting married anytime soon. I wanted to continue in that especially because I saw the Marchesa Fall '11 bridal line in the Bella Naija Wedding section. Note: I enjoy this section because I like seeing how Nigerian culture is done in different people's weddings/marriage ceremonies. As well as the rest of the site featuring fashion, music and lifestyle Nigerian based!

But back to Marchesa, I think I can say that it's appealing to me more and more each time I see something Marchesa. I may not have the money for it, but I do have the eye. And I've particularly like Marchesa when I've seen Miley Cyrus wearing it. I think she also likes the label, being that she's worn a couple Marchesa dresses and gowns.

Also, Blake Lively, whom I also adore, has been spotted in Marchesa:

Anyways, continuing with the bridal theme, here's my picks from the Marchesa Bridal Fall '11 line.


Stacey Dash is OVER-RATED

I'm not hating, cuz I actually kinda like her. I mean I think she's beautiful.

But let's tell the truth. She's definitely NOT thee best actress. We hear that her attitude stinks, especially towards fellow actors. And I wish she would stop playin these 'young' characters!

She's looks great for her age, but she needs to play characters that are close to her age. C'mon, I am the only person who doesn't agree with her playin <30yr old female characters? Seriously.

And I don't know what regimen she's on, or whatever that keeps her looking so young and fresh, cuz I'll have to say that it may not be working all too well... Because her age is starting to show here and there in the face..


California Love

Last week, I went to Cali for a conference out at The Westin @ LAX.... It was actually great, and I was able to visit family in Riverside, and an uncle in East LA...

But I honestly have to say, that I have to go back!!!!!! [Originally I was sposed to stay for another week, but things didn't go as planned...] I wasn't able to do much, but just from walking outside around the Westin, I knew that L.A. is a place for me.

One thing's for sure: I was def loving the weather out there. It was sunny yet breezy. Not like our East Coast summers that are stiffling hot and humid! I was just loving that L.A. weather, even getting a bit chilly at times. Although I do have to say that I am NOT loving the Riverside heat. I almost melted when I got out the car when we got there... I'm not sure if it felt like I was back in DC or worse. And my aunt is thinking it'll be cheaper for me to live out there. She's gonna be disappointed cuz I can't fathom that type of heat. No way.

But yeah, just a little peek in my past week. Even with all the ups and downs [particularly me and my sister's 4hr delayed flight in Houston! And even missing our flight from LAX home, then having to pay $300 to be rebooked!], I enjoyed that bit of vacay I got :)