Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another hit: the blast 09

another DC hip hop artist, i'd like everyone to get to know [in case iHavent aforementioned] is lola maxwell [previously known as miss jillz]

she also dropped a mixtape this summer, check the rhyme, and is scheduled to drop another [cant remember if it was an album or mixtape] in the nxt couple months, from the planet of the greats

here's a preview of lola x intalek - the blast

don't forget to download check the rhyme! HERE

make sure y'all check out wale!

i'm not gonna write a biography on him but, he's a fellow DC peep. gotta rep! known on the go go scene, and becoming more and more known in the hip hop industry, wale has been ready to grace those outside the DMV w/ his work. if you are not familiar, you better get familiar NOW! download his latest mixtape back to the feature off his site,, check him out on twitter,, check him on myspace, and don't forget to pick up attention: deficit in stores oct 20th!

here's a exclusive track listing [via]:
1. “Triumph”Produced by Dave Sitek
On Dave’s first foray into hip-hop production, he crafts a jazzy tune, replete with big horns, to support Wale’s lyrical celebrity hotbed. The rapper shouts out Hollywood staples like Lily Allen, Slumdog Millionaire, and, most importantly, a man that taught him to do for himself—Kanye West: “I asked Mr. West for some help/ But I realized us new ni**as gotta do for ourselves.”

2. “Pretty Girls” featuring Gucci ManeProduced by Best Kept Secret
The title pretty much sums up the type of woman Wale has his eye on. A tune that blatantly speaks to his female fan base, this is the only record on the album that features the signature go-go sound. A sample from the 1970s track “Girls” by The Moments & The Whatnauts, Gucci Mane’s Southern flavor, and incessant hand-clapping on the chorus (reminding Ugly Bettys to “be quiet”) are key standouts.

3. “Mirrors” featuring Bun BProduced by Mark Ronson
Both Wale and Bun B spar with the ominous tune—a mix of gothic guitars, soulful crooning from Phantom Planet’s Alex Greenwald, and heavy drums—to contend for the title of “who’s real.” The D.C. native lyrically jabs at his doubtful opponents on the chorus, rhyming, “Mirror, mirror on the wall/ Who’s the realest of them all/ Is it right, is it wrong/ They ain’t hard, swear to God/ These ni**as ain’t real at all,” while Bun plays no games, “… I’m gon’ keep it G/ If you can’t look up at yourself, how you gon’ look at me.”

4. “Contemplate” featuring RihannaProduced by Syience
The first question that comes to mind upon listening to this dark, thought-provoking record: is that Rihanna on the chorus? Producer Syience sampled the pop chanteuse’s voice from her Good Girl Gone Bad album cut “Question Existing.” She sings (with some added tweaks) over a grandiose rhythm, shedding light on inner turmoil with lines such as “Who am I living for?” while the rapper questions his place on the hip-hop radar, spitting quick brain buzzers like, “Am I doing this for them or me?” and “Play this shit while you contemplate.”

5. “90210”Produced by Mark Ronson
“The Perez Hilton angle,” according to Ronson, don’t expect to find silicone and Botox applauded anywhere over the Mario Bros.-sounding beat. Beginning with a sea of electronic pulses that scream “high on life,” Wale raps about the stereotypical L.A. girl hoping to achieve celebrity by any means necessary. One verse through, and the chorus sticks: “She throws up whatever she eats/ She leaves the bathroom with a nose bleed/ Regular girl, celebrity dreams/ She’s 90210.”

6. “World Tour” featuring Jazmine SullivanProduced by Cool & Dre
When Jazmine Sullivan’s name is read, one hopes to hear the R&B singer bang out a stellar chorus to support Wale’s stories of leaving his D.C. ghetto behind. But high hopes are extinguished once all Sullivan belts out are a few short “oohh oohhs.” The cherry on this hip-hop sundae is the triumphant beat, which opens with a piano solo and immediately hits a heavy drum and bass pattern, and Wale’s no-holds-barred chorus, where he rhymes, “We on a world tour, Wale ya man/ Hustling each and every ghetto with a mic in my hand/ New York, VA, D.C., get paid.”

7. “TV in the Radio” featuring K’naanProduced by Dave Sitek
Wale puts forth a braggadocio vibe over a rocking beat featuring a hint of an electric guitar and classic horns. The rapper wants to punctuate the fact that, like Lil Wayne, motherfucker, he’s ill. Lines like, “Everybody’s on me like the ‘A Milli’ beat,” show and prove his point. Supporter K’naan overshadowed his hip-hop friend, delivering a frenzied verse, replete with pompous attitude: “If we wasn’t so original, we’d be criminal.”

8. “Diary” featuring Marsha AmbrosiusProduced by The Sleepwalkers
This one has “soundtrack to a hip-hop fairytale” written all over it. The beat twists and cascades underneath Marsha Ambrosius’ troubled lyrics, which feature sentiments of a girl having a hard time holding her own. Wale opens the pages of his hip-hop diary to help soothe her soul: “Wife, you deserve the label/ But you’ve been hurt before so you don’t think you’re able.”

9. “Beautiful Bliss” featuring Melanie Fiona & J. ColeProduced by DJ Green Lantern & Mark Ronson
Remember the Folgers coffee slogan? Well, the best part of waking up will be playing this record. Begin the day with this uptempo slice of soulful delight, brought in part by Melanie Fiona, who gleefully belts out, “It’s a beautiful day,” at its opening. A big beat backed by horns and a rampant piano, listeners are directed by Wale to focus on the prize at the end of each day. The pièce de résistance is rap newcomer J. Cole, who, expectedly, name checks the man filling up his bank account, rhyming, “I’m in a class of my own, at dinner with Hov/ Hoping he’ll pass the baton/ All he pass is the Patrón.”

10. “O.G.”Produced by Sean C & LV
Who better to thwack the drums and make a record sound right than Travis Barker? The Blink-182 dude showcased his skills on the track in an opening drum solo, quickly supported by a horn section played by funk soul band the Dap-Kings. The unique rhythm created by the two powerhouses creates a hip-hop jazz bed for Wale’s vocals, as he raps about the life of an O.G.

11. “Prescription”Produced by Best Kept Secret
Announced as the album’s closing track, any other place for it wouldn’t have worked. Its name is synonymous with the entire effort’s title, summing up the 10 tracks prior as the sonic pill to heal listeners’ auditory ailments. While Wale writes out the doctor’s orders (“Language, I provide like a Percocet”), flutes, bongos, and a tinkling of piano keys are celebrated on this jazz-inspired beat. A welcomed surprise (and personal favorite) at the record’s finale came in the form of the D.C. native’s spoken word talents, where he expressed a certainly debatable statement in an unorthodox manner: “I am hip-hop, past, present, and future.”


i'm not fully back yet! but iAm here with a couple updates. some of you may have already heard of these already, but iJust thought i'd share some of the songs iRecently listened to to, and am liking.

but yea, i'm still waiting on my laptop to get back to me [hurry up Dell!!!!]

1. wale ft jazmine sullivan - world tour
yeah so, iWasn't really a big wale fan when he was more on the go go scene, but now as an up an comin rapper [not that he was never a rapper before...] in the main hip hop industry, iAm supporting a DC artist, bcuz thats just what iGotta do rite? but yea, listen to this one [although iThink he's upset that it got leak'd... pele] and in case you haven't already, go download back to the feature which is his mixtape from this summer. and stay tuned for attention: deficit due in stores Oct 2oth! yea wale! lol

2. marques houston - body
so, lets just say that mh has been outta the scene for some time, or better yet, as some ppl put it 'so 90s/early 2000s' icant say iDisagree too much. you know its just some folk, that were IT a while back, tryna come back on the scene... for some it aint workin too good. well via concreteloop, iHeard this track along w/ another that he just released... it aint bad.... btw, he's releasing an album later this month, mr. houston, iWonder how thats gonna turn out...

3. jay-z ft drake - off that
well, we all know that hova is back with som brand new raps, the blueprint III. [what is it w/ folk that are "retired"] and i'm guessing this might be his next single? but anyways, he's back w/ another one ft one of our fav freshmen, drake

4. hal linton - she's dangerous
a newcomer. hal linton is a barbados native, who also happen to have been found by the same team that gave us rihanna. iGuess he's not so new, since he won like 4 awards [at barbados music awards] for his 07 single 'cardiac arrest'. but he is prepping his debut album, return from the future, you might wanna check that out...

5. jay z - venus vs mars
another leak'd track produced by *cough* timbaland *cough* [hmmmm....]

6. drake ft kanye, wayne, eminem - forever remix
so, drizzy, when's the album droppin? you can't keep releasing mixtapes and random tracks! lol iLike this one though...

7. daniel merriweather ft wale - change
this song reminders me of something john mayer wld sing.... but iLikey oh and he's doing a remix contest, so everyone get ya skills together and enter! []

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sorry Guys

so, iAm shipping my laptop to be fixed. what does that mean? it means that postings will be very limited, if even at all. yea, i'm sorry too. iReally do enjoy givin you guys my outlook on few things.

so yea, it shld only be for about 7 days, but you never know, after all iRequested this on sunday, and the box to ship my laptop only came today.

so now, i'm tryna hurry up and back up my files, before iRush to fedex 2moro morn before work!

so, if iDont see you, Good night, Good morning, Good afternoon! [yea idid it in reverse bcuz iAm posting this tonite]


Monday, August 10, 2009

jordin sparks style disaster

[iLove your music jordin, but still someone had to discuss this sooner or later]

wtf? is jordin sparks closet full of prom dresses?

*to be cont'd*

a different look of solange

so we all know solange has gone back to a shorter version of her pregnancy buzz cut
but recently, while she's been in japan w/ her son [via her twitter], her and beyonce modeled bags for the samantha thavasa and disney collection. we also get to see a more glamorous look, as opposed to that horrid picture we all saw a couple weeks ago.

iThink she looks beautiful [modelesque]

can you peep the shoes? yes!

Kim K has a dye job?

Story photo: Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde!Story photo: Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde!Story photo: Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde!

apparently, kim k has done this before, in april, but it was a wig. apparently she announced the new color via twitter, saying, "I WENT BLONDE!!! Do you like it?"
[no homo, iThink it makes her look exotic]
random: are her and her sisters still fueding over their line?

edited yahoo teen choice best + worst dressed

1st up: Britney spears

not my fav outfit. at all. but if she was gonna wear this dress, why wld she wear those shoes? total outfit is a 0 outta 5.

2. The jo bros
[nick, joe kevin?]
idk which is which but they all look ugly in this pic. sorry. iUsually think the youngest is a lil cutie, but they weren't cuttin it. i'm thinkin the youngest [Left] shlda switched outfits w/ the middle [joe?] the outfit seems to adult for him. 2 outta 5.

3. Miley cyrus [NOT hannah montana]

iLike her outfit. iSo disagree w/ yahoo on her accessories, they mark the outfit [she is a pop rocker rite?] but iDo agree that iWldn't be lettin MY 16yr old daughter walk out the house like that. once again, the outfit is too adult [but cute]. 4 outta 5.

4. Zac efron

zac is lookin very kid friendly. did he die his hair? outfit: engh 3 outta 5.

5. Vanessa hudgens

did anyone tell her to NOT wear those purple pumps, that they dont match the dress?!?!!? the hell was she thinkin.

"her off-color purple pumps were a tad distracting."
- yahoo

the dress is kinda cute tho. 3 outta 5.

6. girl from twilight? [kristen stewart]
the layered top and skirt are an interesting match. not bad, not bad. its almost like casual meets gladiator? 3 outta 5.

7. Kim kardashian
actually this comment is not about her clothes but her hair. if you ask me, she looks like a fake lauren conrad [the hills]. outfit isnt bad tho, do her shoes come in gold, cuz they wlda been better w/ the white... 4 outta 5.

8. Leighton meester

ok, last time iChecked, leighton meester didnt look like this, she looked prettier. outfits ok, casual dress meets pretty girl maryjane pumps. 4 outta 5.

9. Keke palmer

keke you really disappointed me here. she's usually a sharp dresser for her age, what went wrong. she looks like a tina turner mini-me [minus the hair]! 1 outta 5.

10. Selena gomez

this isnt the way to tell us your a goody-two shoes. yahoo and iAgree, a very matronly look. she shlda lost the dress, give it to her mother or someone. she clda used the heels to play up a more teen-bopper outfit. 1 outta 5. [the dress is even outta place, it cld be something iImagine someone wearin to a wedding!]

11. Hayden panettiere

the 'fit is ok, nothing special about it. 3 outta 5.

12. BEP

actually, iBeg to differ w/ yahoo. the black eyed peas are SUPPOSED to have a futuristic flow. yeah the guys arent the best dressed but thats them. when HAVE they dressed normal? 2 outta 5. 4/5 for fergie.

13. Amanda bynes

if you ask me, amanda's style never changes. she's never racy [you know she's alwas doing something PG-13], always cute. 5 outta 5.

14. Ashley tisdale

well 'sharpay' can pull off an ombre look! cute. 4 outta 5.

15. Jordin sparks

yahoo musta thought she was cute. NOT! NOT! NOT! a prom dress from like 5 yrs ago wth! and how did she come to put together those shoes, that clutch and THIS dress!!!!!! it disturbs me! my tweet from when i 1st saw these pix:

" jesus! who styles jordin sparks?!?!! outfit @ teen choice awards: WTF! seriously! iThink she shld recruit me... smh "

" how did she match that bright orange clutch, those tan and silver clunky heals and that turquoise prom dress?!?! "

like iSaid, jordin sparks: "YOU NEED TO RECRUIT ME!"

outfit: DUD!

16. Kristen bell

why iHavent seen you since 'veronica mars' lol. ms bell is lookin very grown up, laid back relazed and casual, in the fit rite here tho... dont like the sandals but i'll throw her a: 5 outta 5.

17. Abigail breslin

wth did this to this poor child? i'm not mad tho, she looks like a kid, which she is. 1 outta 5.

18. Alexis bledel

yes yahoo! her eyes do look creepy! but in a prety way. her eyes look really beautiful [no homo] outfit 3 outta 5. [only bcuz it makes her eyes pop so much!]

19. Emma roberts

idk who this emma roberts is, but the fit is ok. 3 outta 5.

20. Rumer willis and co [from sorority row]

for some reason iDont remember rumer willis being so skinny [yea she wa skinny too in house bunny] iThink she's dieting too much, she's lookin thin to me. outfits 3 outta 5 [but dont really like the girl on the Right's outfit]

21. Jojo

not a big fan of this outfit. thats all iHave to say. 2 outta 5.

22. Kat von d

get back on the bus kat, you're embarassing. DUD!

23. Lil mama

iCant say i'm disappointed. iNever see lil mama wearin anything that catches me eye... but i'll say she's one to try a different look all the time [what happened to her music career?] 1 outta 5.

24. Corbin bleu

corbin bleu, iHeard he's in some new show? the hair cut makes him look older, but iThink that when it was longer and he'd pull in back in a ponytail he'd look real good... [hey hey, i'm just sayin] outfit: 3 outta 5. nothing spectacular.

Lastly: Ashley greene

I'm sorry how is this a fail? yea the outfit mite seem a lil forever 21-ish, but its ok. 3 outta 5.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

style tips

so, iWas randomly tweeting some 'work with what you got' tips, when iThought 'hey, why not post them on the blog'

tip #1 ladies if you have short legs (or just dont have some as long as la tour eiffel) put on somethin short and rock some tall azz shoes!

tip #2 those w/o childbearin hips, wear dresses w/ full skirts or full/balloon skirts (with a fitted tee to accentuate the skirt)

tip #3 too tall. (thats you, tall chic) do not year short shorts! Try longer shorts or knee length a-line skirts to make you seen less of a giant

tip #4 boobage lackers shld go for bustier styled dresses and thoughts to create the illusion me some type of boobage

hmmm. iShld find some pics to go w/ these tips, or DIM [do-it-myself]

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

via aaron reid

so, iWas updating myself on aaron reid's [l.a. reid's son] blog, the a.r. experience, when iPeeped these metallic trainers. iThink that they are so cute for casual!

iCldn't find out if its a mens or womens sneaker so,

ladies: think, all black [at least iThink it's make these pop] black tights with black top, i'm thinking oversized sweatshirt! it's a very casual look.

guys: iGuess it can go with some jeans [NOT SKINNY!] and a solid tee and cardigan.... idk if this is a guys shoe though, iKinda highly doubt it....


visit rag & bone's website for more info on their collections and stores.

yummy in ya tummy

ok, so iHad to make a couple dishes for an event iHad two sundays ago, and iThought i'd share the recipe fot the pasta salad iMade!


1 lb. pkg. pasta
1 bottle Ranch salad dressing (or a preffered

2 tomatoes
1 green pepper
6 green onions OR 1 small onion
1 cucumber
Parmesan cheese


1. Cook the pasta, then drain and cool . Be sure

to add a dash of salt while it boiling.

2. Dice the vegeatables, and place in a large


3. Mix the drained pasta into the vegetables, and

pour the dressing over it while mixing.

4. Then mix in the parmesan cheese and


5. Serve immediately, or it can be put in the

fridge until you are ready to serve.

pasta type: iWld recommend rotini, shells, macaroni [iUsed a mix of these 3] or any other short pastas: penne, farfalle [bowtie], fusilli, gemelli, etc. you can even use tortellini [just be sure that the flavor of filling wont clash with your salad dressing]

variations: you dont have to use salad dressing. you can use maybe like a vinegar and seasoning or flavored vinegar, or even like olive oil.

Bon Appétit

you want me to what? play in your band?!?!?

ok, so young money artist, shanell [who iHear is d. woods sister], has been around for quite some time actually. she's been penning songs for artists and working with like lil wayne [prom queen], nicki minaj [handstand], danity kane, kelis, keri hilson, usher and beyonce, but iGuess she's now ready to hit the scene with her vocals [hmm, random: iThink this is déjà vu...]. she is currently working on her debut album , a taste of shanell, but you can catch her performing with lil wayne and young money on their america's most wanted tour [really though: america's most wanted? smh]

[iAlso hear she's part of a group the girls club with d. woods and mika means...? correct me if i'm wrong?]

sound: hmmm, iThink she sounds like a couple different ppl [i've heard she sounds like kelis? iHighly disagree, because someone is probly mistakin her for mika means, who DOES sound like kelis] but iLike her voice, she just needs to sing the right songs

current hits/singles: play in my band ft lil wayne [listen here], party all the time ft aubrey o'day [listen here]

iActually like 'party all the time', idk maybe bcuz its a collab? idk... but play in my band, on the other hand [hey that rhymes], what the hell was that?!?!?!?! the song is random! if you listen to the words, esp when the 1st verse and when the chorus comes up, there is no connection! it as if they are forcing it, esp when wayne came on, iWas just like 'whoa, where'd that come from!?!!!? regardless, it dont matter if she can sing... if the words dont connect, you have a bad song! great singer or not! iReallt hate when good singers choose bad songs, its like a waste of talent! the song is catchy, its just the lyrics need to be retouched.

but check her myspace,, for other songs

p.s. did anyone but me peep her nose ring jewelry? ->

Monday, August 3, 2009

style file

so, what can we look forward to in fashion this coming fall? iThink iWld say over-the-knee slash thigh-high boot [iHave a flat pair thats like this blackish snakeskin material ;]

they arent a new fashion/trend [as with several others that are being recycled] but iThink it mite be time when bots that come above the knee arent consider 'hooker boots'. previously in the fashion realm, it was equestrian and booties/ankle boots, but this time around we're going for height and elegance to achieve this look. and the look is NOT just limited to the fashion-minded, its for everyone, with styles ranging from rock, quirky and classic.

ladies, you have no excuse. bring out your 'hooker' boots from the back of the closet, or go get some today.

if iWas a RichGirl...

some may already be familiar with this girl group, richgirl, if you've already seen their video 'he ain't with me now(tho)' or have heard their song 24's.

[seven, lyndriette, audra, brave]

audra [San Diego], brave [Bmore], lyndriette [NC], & seven [Florida] aka richgirl, say that there name doesnt reflect material things, rather
a certain attitude and confidence, combined with individuality and talent that any girl might possess
sound: hmmm..... iHavent deciphered yet

current hits/singles: so, how far have they come? well, they are currently working on their debut album, which is slated to be released later this fall? and if you are a concreteloop follower, you must have noticed a couple of their latest leaks, 'smila and wave' with chris brown, and 'lucky you are' [which iLike over the rest]

*random: iThink one kinda sounds like keri hilson....
listen: 24's

and previews: