Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A New Favorite

So my fave female celebs include Rihanna, Katy PErry, P!nk, [newly] Miley Cyrus.....

But someone else has popped up on my radar: Emma Watson.

Things I wanna do..

There's a couple things that I'm wanting to do right now:

~ Live in Paris for at least a year
~ Visit Ibiza, Dubai [a friend just went there!], isle of Ios/Santorini [Greece], Australia,
~ Live in L.A. asap! I'm planning on moving there after graduation [Dec '11], maybe one
   of my bffs will come with :D
~ Have a crazy shoe collection!
~ Get all the Kings of Leon albums! I only have their latest, 'Come Around Sundown'. I
~ Work out [I have no gym membership while at home, and idk what to do with my
   yoga mat besides a lil yoga and some crunches!]
~ Be in love, oh so sappy, but not in a desperate way...
~ Release a handbag line...  I already have a few sketches...

All this versus the things I've been doing lately since school let out for winter:

~ Run errands with my mother aka drive her around!
~ Watch movies
~ Eating a couple Hershey Kisses Candy Cane flavor, which I have to say are pretty
~ And today, catching up on the blogs I follow via Google Reader! So much missed!

And things I NEED to do:

~ Proposal for possible Miss African Penn State
~ Read a [good] book

I haven't even hung out with my bffs from home :((

Scene Poster

Still on Cupcakes and Cashmere, I saw this poster on the blog that jumped out at me:

It's a poster called Los Angeles Scene ($90). Nothing special, but I thought it'd be a great DIY project for myself to do. I want to do Paris; I absolutely miss it, and it'd be nice to look at it as a reminder of the city now and then :) I think it'd be great to even add the Eiffel Tower in the middle or something...

AND of course, I'll do my city, Washington, DC, just because.

Here's the one for NY streets ($40), for all my New Yorkers:

There's plenty more where does came from, including Chicago, Paris, and Rome, HERE.

Recipe: Peppermint Marshmallows

I stumbled upon this recipe while catching up on blogs via Google Reader [I am WAY behind! I probably have over 2000 posts to read!].

It's on Cupcakes and Cashmere, I blog I do enjoy. Try it out and tell me how it goes! Click here.

Friday, December 24, 2010

DIY. Feather Skirt

Don't you hate paying so much for trendy items sometimes?? I know I do because before you know it, the trend'll go away when you've only worn the item say once or twice!

I got an email from Who What Wear on a DIY project for feather skirts. And I think it's quite awesome because I'm already looking for [ostrich] feather trim to create one pretty soon!

Check out their page for directions on how to make yours, here.

*P.S. Use this technique to perhaps vamp up an old mini dress, a vest or even a purse!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Xmas Wishlist 2010


"My only wish for Christmas is......"

I'm back! And what better way to starte ending the year, than with a wishlist (;

I should've started this list at the beginning of the month to truly make it a '25 days of Christmas' list, but oh well, I'm late.

So here are some random things that I'm putting on my wishlist!

25. A Yorkshire/Pomeranian-Yorkshire Terrier.
I want one SOOOOOOOOOOO bad!

One like so would be awesome... just not as much hair! [Isn't it cute?!]

24. A CUTE pair of sweats, that can be dressed up.
I found a pair in H&M last month, but didn't like the way they fit me ): SO, if anyone spots some cute pairs, holla!
This pair comes from Nasty Gal. Idk why I didn't think to check there before!

23. iPad
I didn't want it before it came out... but I think it'd be cool to have one. Why not?

22. Rocket Dog Bonfire Booties
I was gonna get them last year, and then they were sold out, which was just my luck. Then I saw them again this year, and in multiple colors!

21. Tall Brown Boots
So when I came home for Thanksgiving, my dad decided to throw away my pair of brown boots! I had in mind taking them to the shoe repair, but my dad had the audacity to trash em! Ugh!
These Jessica Simpson ones could do, even though I've seen them on probably one too many people *shrugs

20. Vocal Coaching Lessons
So I've been thinking for a while that I wanna get back to singing. Now, I'm not great like my BFF Tabi, or some other folks I know, but I can hold a decent key. I so need to get back to singing!

19. Chefscape Versagrill
My old roomie who just graduated, has this awsome grill! We've used it to mae everything from pancakes to quesadillas to chicken and fish! And I'm a lil upset that now that she's gone, so is the grill. I gotta get one asap!
It's plates are dual sided, one side is smooth griddle and the other is grill ridged.

18. BubbleBuns
Don't judge!!!!!!! So I'm lacking in the derriere area, and my bossom seems to make up for it... I refuse to get silicone injections [I'm not tryna die or become one of those horror stories!]. I would like to fill out dresses/skirts to be worn on a nite out on the the town for once! So yeah...

They also have a butt lifter which seems a bit interesting... see here
Wait till you check out these buns haha

17. A Tote Bag
I'm in Such Dire Need of a big purse. I've started carry this one black bag as my only big bag, and the bag is starting to get on my nerves... I think something like this is alright..

And definitely in a color other than black!

16. A Flat Shoe
I don't think I wear flats anymore... I wear flat shoes most times, but I need some FLATS.
However, I'm always afraid of buying shoes, I got the fat foot gene so I'm really picky on how my feet look in shoes...

15. Louis Vuitton Passport Cover
I like to travel, and there's nothing better than traveling in style, no?
Damier canvas please.

14. Some photography lessons
My brother dashed me his "old" Canon when he upgraded.. So I've been tryna toy with it here and there, never enough time. I really would like to learn how to use my camera! 
I would ask my brother, who taught himself, and is getting quite good at it [almost a pro]. But we go to schools in different states...
Someone please point me in the right direction!

13. A Personal Trainer
I'm working to lose weight. To be more specific, about 50lbs! It's a lot but I gotta do it. I'm tired of being an almost borderline plus size chick. It's heartbreaking.
I need someone who can help me through it!

12. Matiko Leila loafers
I saw these in my Lucky mag [in tan I think] a couple months ago as part of the shoe trend. I think they are cute!

11. Matiko Gia Wedge boot
These are cute too.
I love wedges because they give not only height, but great balance as opposed to regular heels.

10. A classic heel
Just something to wear at a career fair, or job interview, maybe even church.

These are Dolce Vita.

9. Party Shoes, of course
So many to choose from! These are just a pair of Steve Maddens and YSLs [that are outta my budget].

9. A Trip back to Paris.
I love Paris, what else is there to say?

8. An apt, house, condo.
I'd like to start living on my own. If it's one thing I learned in college, it's that I don't enjoy living with others. Plain and simple.
I'd like an apt in D.C. or a house/apt in L.A.

7. Dance Central video game
I admit it! I want one of those games, the one from the commercial that does moves to Push It [Salt-n-Pepa] and the other commercial with Evacuate the Dance Floor. Idk if they're the same games but I want them and the systems they come with. IT'd be nice if someone would surprise me with that! Please and Thank you!

6. A sewing machine!
I've been trying to learn how to sew for about 2yrs, although that kinda fell off when my mom's [ancient] machine broke... I also tried to take some classes this summer before I went back to school, but to my dismay they were all full ): So if I were to get a sewing machine, I would def be back on learning!

I saw this in Brother machine Costco last night for $139...

5. I'm actually at a loss right now... Idk what else should go on my list! That's crazy! I DO know what my no.1 is...

4. Miss Dior Cherie & Coco Chanel Mademoiselle parfums
I'd even like Kim K's prefume and Shakira's which I sampled, and from what I remeber, smelled pretty good

3. *shrug*

2. *shrug*

1. My no. 1 wish is that all my wishes for my future endeavors come true! From graduating from college next year to things even further, such as going to culinary school to opening up a restaurant, a bakery, having kids to whatever else life has in store for me!!!!

I hope all your wishes come true too! At least the quite reasonable ones ;)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Trimming & Dusting

Hello there! And Happy Black Friday! lol

Hope you guys are getting it in with all the shopping!

Just checking in with a link ; )

Thought I'd post a link to a lil post on trimming and dusting hair.... I just washed my hair this a.m. and was thinking that I haven't trimmed my hair in a loooooooong time! But having looked at this article, I looked at my hair and the ends look pretty healthy, niceee

So here, have a looksy on the difference b/w trimming and dusting hair, before you next visit to the salon:

Lola's Curls

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Designers for Less!

Thought I'd just post some link to these sites where you can get different name brands in apparel, shoes, jewelry & accessories, as well as home goods, all for less than you'd find them elsewhere.

Click my links to join GILT, ideeli, and HauteLook for lots of sales on things you want and love.


I thought I'd post this video of a short documentary, because it's something I have a problem with... and that  is shadeism. Watching this video made me ask myself, Am I a "shadist" ?

For example I am more attracted to lighter skinned guys, even white guys, than dark skinned or brown skinned men. There is the occassional dark skinned guy that I find attractive, but in general, I don't pay them attention. My one friend sometimes makes fun of me for being racist against my own race [being that she loves a dark skinned guy, and I just don't], but it's not even like that [because  at the same time, she doesn't like light skinned guys, specifically because she says, they think they're "better than"], because I don't even go out of my way to associate only with all light skinned people over darker skinned people; after all, I myself am brown skinned. But I find my obsession crazy to the point that, I envision a future of having children that are NOT dark like me. [Isn't that wrong? Or is it just a "preference"?]

However, I do find myself having an innermost issue with skin color/shade. Like this: my mother is fair skinned, whereas my father is dark skinned. And I came out a brown baby from that mix. I'm one of five, and two of my brothers are light skinned, while my sister, other brother and I are all darker. [Maybe I should 'insert family photo here' lol] Most of my maternal family is light skinned, and my paternal side is mostly dark skinned. I've often wished that my skin was lighter; [I'll be quite honest, since it is MY blog]. Even to the point where, when I was entering into high school, my mother bought me Fair & Lovely fairness cream [see it in the video below]. Not that I asked for it, but I accepted it without any questions. Although I haven't used it for a while, because she stopped buying them when they got expensive... Why is it that I want to be a lighter complexion? Do I really think that being dark is ugly?

Anyways, several issues stem from this thing called shadeism, including being racist amongst your own race, such as lighter skinned people only choose to be with lighter skinned people [because they are "better"]. I see this everyday too, where often a group of lighter skinned girls always hang together, with no dark skinned girls, save for that ONE dark skinned girl. They see themselves as better looking, classier, prettier, BETTER than anyone darker than them. And it's not even only girls that do this, men do it too, to the point that they WON'T date/marry a darker skinned woman. This probably isn't always true, as some people may say that I am assuming; but I think it's actually quite true. You can even see it in social networking sites like Twitter, where people will tweet #teamlightskin, #teamredbone. I often roll my eyes, because I'm wondering, What does that mean? Are light skinned people supposed to be better?

I'm going to stop there, because this issue can be delicate, and all over the place. Peep the video.

Friday, November 5, 2010


oh my God. it's been wayyyyy too long! my poor blog, i'm sure you feel like i've been neglecting you :(

not really.

i've been tryna get my life in order *sigh* it's my last year [and a half] of college so i'm tryna make the most of it! which is both fun and stressful! particularly stressful on the part of this accounting class i have to take for my major :(( as of today, i've dropped that damn class, twice in two semesters. smh, big smh. i just can't deal with that class, hence i've decided to just take it over the summer, where it can be the one class i'm taking, and i can FULLY concentrate on it *sigh*

no only i have i been neglecting MY blog but my Google Reader is filled with 1000+ posts i need to look at!!!

well, i guess i shld stop here.. tootles for now

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ode to JC

HeyNow, IGotMyNewShoesOn... Well, I wish I had new shoes, but not at the moment. But with winter rollin in pretty soon, I'm gonna have to change that.

Well, what I wanted to say is that, I feel like this season, Jeffrey Campbell is putting out new shoes before you can say 'yellow'! yeah, that was quite random.

I think it's  mostly in part due to the fact that new colors/fabrics of the Lita shoes and its sisters, are popping up here and there!I'm not a fan of the Lita's and I feel like I liked JC shoes before EVERYONE started really wearing them sometime this year.

I spotted a new design on Solestruck just now, it's called XXL.

All I can say is wow. And it's not a 'oooh'-type of wow. I'm tryna figure out why this shoe is like a 3-in-1 thing.  I feel like some of these JC shoes are stating to be all over the place. For one, we have this XXL shoe that's like  a leather sock, layered under a cheetah print sock, under what looks like suede PLUS a lil leather piece and buckles in the back, and a Clinic-wedge metal heel side. Well damn! just throw every style in there why don't ya!

I love you JC, but I'm not IN love with you anymore. Sorry.

photo via Solestruck


So, It's Homecoming Week at my school, the ever so great, Penn State University!

Now it's bout to get real crazy in this b*ch as soon  a hump day [Wednesday] is over! Lol

I was waiting for the bus this evening, coming from my accounting exam X-( , when a groups of kids starting coming around looking for someone with red hair, or who could fake a punch at them. Haha, apparently they were on a treasure hunt or something, and I later learned that they were morale for THON! Sounded like some fun haha. Some guy said they were a bunch of freshman, I bet.

Then when I got on the bus, a bunch of girls were all dressed up colorfully, one had butterfly wings, one had a bathing suit bottom on top of like hot pink biker shorts and bright green tights, yikes! They were also on their way to a social, as one of the new sorority pledge classes. Made me wished I pledged, they are forever having tons of fun!

But yeah, I'm on the Homecoming Parade Committee, so be sure, if you're in State College this weekend to come down and watch the parade! Also go to the pep rally too for the coronation of the Homecoming King & Queen! And try to hit the game Saturday, Us v. Illionois's Fighting Illini!

For The Glory

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Balmain SS '11

I think I should just come out with it. Balmain has to be my fave designer!

I may not have the money for Balmain just yet, but I can admire from a distance : )

Last year, Decarnin gave it with the military trend, and this year, he's def giving it to Rock 'n' Roll. Who dares challenge him.

Here's the looks I liked, but you can peep the rest at

Monday, September 20, 2010

Missed the Fashion Shows?

Catch up on all the latest fashion shows and SS '11 RTW on!

I have a lot to catch up on :)

Who's That Chick?

I think it's safe to say that Rihanna's latest studio album will be taking an electro-pop sound.. you know kinda like the kids from across the pond lol. I think this type of pop sound is becoming more popular over here anyways, so I wouldn't be surprised if Loud sells good, even if she JUST released Rated R less than 1 year ago. Lots of artists don't release albums back to back like that.. not many at least, I guess there's an abundance of material that Rih-Rih wants us to hear huh?

Well, I'm just starting to like 'Only Girl (In The World)' [my 1st listen was kind of 'meh'], but I think 'Who's That Chick' is too, even though I only watched the video twice. It's not bad, and I actually wanna hear more of this new cd to come.. unless its all garbage *blah.

*btw, I'm sort of a Rihanna fan. #dontjudgeme lol. Maybe not a stan, but I like her style alot, even though I have disagreed with some things.

**UPDATE: According to Rihanna via Twitter, the video was actually shot for a Doritos commercial,and is "in no way connected to Loud" see here.

**UPDATE: There is also a "night version" video for this song. The purpose of that? I don't know. check it here.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Got Bored?

So I was a lil bored in between studying and tryna figure out what the Redskins game score is... And I ended up creating an outfit on Macy's Find Your Magic page.

I guess they have a daily style challenge... So I played along.. and here's what I came up with for:

Cute & Simple.. no?

I called it New Vintage Touch.

If you care to vote for it, or play around on the site, visit here.

Other sites where you can do this sort of stuff is Polyvore, Couturious and my fave, Looklet ;-)

Visit my Looklet page too,

Friday, September 17, 2010

Died and Went to Heaven

Just a look from Marchesa SS '11.

Idk what it is, but I'm in l-o-v-e with this dress.

Some other looks that I'm liking:

Monday, September 13, 2010

Boots! Boots! Boots!

They're having a 20% off boots sale!

See people don't know that Victoria's Secret is more than just bras and panties. If you open their catalogs, you'll know that.

Anyways they are having 20% off selected boots/booties! We're heading into fall, so might as well prepare for the fashion and the weather.

I took advantage myself and got me a cute pair of lace-up booties ;) So go get yours!

Click here.



The latest Lola Maxwell mixtape is out today!

The tape entitled The Black Madonna Soundtrack is def, DEF, one to keep on replay.

Its hot, its different,and I am loving it. I've actually had it playing ALL day since I downloaded this morning.

The soundtrack is diff from her previous stuff, lots of old school influence, but its definitely Lola Maxwell style.

" If u love Madonna classics such as 'Into the Groove' or 'Human Nature' you'll LOVE "The Black Madonna Soundtrack" presented by @TheCmag!! " via @LolaMaxwell

I say if you love old school/80s-90s style music [as well as Madonna herself], you'll enjoy the tape.

So, go ahead and DL it here: The Connoisseur

Be sure to follow up with her on her new site: twitter: @LolaMaxwell, her tumblr:, blog:

StyleFile: Manis

here's more on nail trends this year:

It's a new take on the manicure.

Another cute trend is the reverse french manicure Ruffian or "Half Moon Manicure":

images via , Google

Fall Trends Alert!!!!!

So i got a email from UO about the Fall 2010 trends!

According to UO, this fall's trend include:

  • Varsity

  • Surplus
*Don't forget surplus tops/shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, and bags.

  • Heritage Shoes
Heritage Shoes

  • Corduroy

  • Pony Hair
Pony Hair

  • Maxi Dresses & Skirts

  • High Platform

[I'm loving the Prada peeptoe, leopard & olive Miu Miu's, and Jeff. Campbell's, Fendi peeptoe, and Dolce Vita platform oxfords!]

  • Double Finger Rings
Double Finger Rings

  • Oversized

  • Saddle Bags

So we can still see recurring trends like the maxi, pony hair, cords, surplus, platforms, and heritage shoes, even leopard prints, from last season up till a couple years ago...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

OMG! Krazy Kesha!!!!!

So i just found these awesome pants on Lulus!!!!!!

Only to find out that they are sold out :((

The Krazy Kesha Pants:

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bird by Juicy Couture

New line by Juicy Couture, according to my Shopbop emails, called Bird by Juicy Couture.

Normally I prob'ly wouldn't care but I was digging the knickers used in one of the outfits in the email: Cashmere pants with suspenders.

I think they were worn well :)

Damage: $448 , get it here.

The look:

Cute, no?

Be sure to check out the rest of the little collection, here.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Ok, so maybe not in this color, but I think I'm liking this Guillaume Hinfray Hyls pump! In white.

I wasn't in love with it the 1st time I saw it, but now I'm thinking, hey someone can make that work ;)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mignon, non?

Quick post!

i hear that she's new to he blogging world, but that she's getting more stylish...

i thought i'd just post this outfit cuz i thought it was cute, well done...

check in3gue out on her blog.