Friday, October 30, 2009

Video Jukebox: Ke$ha

just thought i'd add one of my fave songs rite now.... enjoy.

one reason why iLove is the creativity you et to see in other folks playin around on the website.

'Look of the Day' Oct 29 by bananablast
[photo as deleted]

some looks i've done....

check me out for some others... here

Jourdan Dunn... Preggers?!?!

ok so obviously, i'm a lil late [haha] with this info being that British model Jourdan Dunn is due in December....

it seems to be surprising to me because she was just on the the cover of Teen Vogue, NOT looking pregnant...

um wow... iGuess the only thing to say is that 'life happens', right?

[via AstonMozie']

this is her with Chanel Iman on the cover of Teen Vogue, Oct '09 issue. [word is, they didn't know she was pregnant until AFTER the shoot.... iWonder is there wlda been any difference if they had known...]

and inside the mag

she looks happy....

and what did Teen Vogue have to say? they said that " Teen pregnancy is a difficult, real-life issue that Teen Vogue readers (with an average age of 18) are mature enough to be exposed to. "

i'm glad that she's happy, but i'm also upset because this is an example of what our society/world has come to: it's ok that young people, kids/teens, ages 10-20, have children of their own! it wasnt so back in the day! yeah yeah, we say this is now, not then. but it's kind of a shame, where no one tells teens to practice abstinence, or at least safe sex! seriously! well, at least she didn't have an abortion! that's another thing. instead of people dealing with consequences, learning from their mistakes, they choose to eradicate them, and don't even learn [did you hear of the woman who had like what 30 abortions! smh]. as a society/world, we need to get it together! *sigh*

but iWonder how and if this will affect her career.... [someone commented "All that money, and she can't afford birth control?" smh]

M.A.K.E.U.P. Files: Dope Lips

so recently Teyana Taylor has been promo'ing her new lip gloss line 'Dope Lips' via Twitter [@TeyanaTaylor, @dopelips]. now i've heard the line may be out in time for xmas, and i've also heard it'll be available nxt yr. i'm not very sure.... but these are a couple promo pics. Teyana is quite the all around chick [singer/rapper, dancer, model, what else!]

iLike the pic where she's wearing glasses....

don't forget to check the website for updates,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Ca-yute-era

Chanel calfskin bag w/ engraved chain

isn't this just lovely!

oh and if you can figure out how to translate the site, lemme know

*oops found it! you gotta go to the main site!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Jukebox: Lady Gaga

iHaven't listened to the whole song, but iThought i'd post it anyways for Lady Gaga fans.... but stay tuned to her for Fame Monster.


so iSaw this on kanye west's blog, and to tell you, iDo not like those things from the movie Where the Wild Things Are! not a bit! iThink they're creepy! iGuess some kids are going to be getting an early xmas gift. smh.

a Medicom Where the Wild Things Are toy figurine collection

Jukebox: Lupe Fiasco

um yeah.... iThought they said Lupe had retired? oops sorry, he will be retiring.

well check out this new track, 'Solar Midnite'.

iNot exactly sure if this is gonna be on his album, but my thoughts on the song..... not bad. i'm not exactly familiar w/ lupe's stuff, except for what comes on the radio, but it's sounds different from his previous work.... iWonder what Lasers has in store for us. oh, and its supposed to be coming out in December.

Video Jukebox: Alicia Keys

so we're expecting Alicia's new album, The Element of Freedom, which is due Dec 1. but here is the video for her single, 'Doesn't Mean Anything'.

Video Jukebox: Queen Latifah ft Missy Elliott

so the Queen is back! Queen Latifah released a new album, Persona, iBelieve late August... and here is the video for her single feat. Missy Elliott 'Fast Car'.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

stay tuned!

iAm tryna see if iCan put together a post on london, places to visit and stuff! iReally wanna go, so i'm gonna post places that i'd like to see that day iGet there! stay tuned!

My fav new [super]model

so we all may know Chanel Iman, who we've been seeing more and more in the fashion scene.

young and beautiful, she has been getting more and more work in since, iBelieve, 2006.

watch her take charge of supermodeldom! only 19!

and word is, she's dating Ryan Leslie.....

Lanvin Spring '10

so, who's checked out the fashions for the spring/summer?

iWas lookin at the Lanvin collection... and iSaw some things iLiked

if you also like these, you can check out more at

iThink my favs are this last pink dress, and the 1st pic w/ the black seQuined top and taupe skirt!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Jukebox: Ke$ha

so... one time when iWas checkin new music on newhiphoprnbrap, iSeen a advertisement for a free download for Ke$ha's song 'TiK ToK'... iTook a listen, and iLiked.
she has some funky, upbeat music that iLike to just play to get me goin! check out her myspace for more info.

'wake up in the morning/feelin like p.diddy...'

check out her websites for any updates. here.

Gotta have it

Cutest accessory...... Alexander McQueen Black Crystal Skull Clutch... WHAT!

'all black everything' right?

Also comes in a gold crackd leather, red or black ornate satin

Thursday, October 15, 2009

yeah, so idk how one day iJust stumbled upon this site [iThink iSeen it in a magazine or something] but iThink its so cool, and iCant wait to find my perfect pix to have done!

like you can have your pix warholized. you know something like this:

and several other cool choices! cant wait to get mine! [even though i'm sure iCan do it on my own comp and take it to staples/michaels... smh]

so i'm gonna try'n step it up! what! iSee, iLike. iTell you to like with me. i'm really a fashionita ON THE LOW! you wldn't even know it if you see me....

but iDo give credit to whom credit is due! so iWill be sneaking peeps from others blogs, sites, industry sites, street, WHEREVER!

Gotta have it

simple. = nice.

Monocle x Delvaux Newspaper Bag

via AstonMozie

She really is a cuckoo

So iCame across some photos of Lady Gaga on

she is a piece of work

crazy man crazy

check out more here.

layout changes

so, iJust, like just just, changed the layout for the blog.... iReally hated the pix getting cut off..... iReally liked that layout though =-(

but gotta do what you gotta do. if anyone wants to give me some blog tips, i'd really appreciate it! thanx! and pass it on! the blog that is =-)


Jukebox: Mario's D.N.A. album

although iAm yet to review the WHOLE album, it seems like r&b crooner Mario has gotten some good love for his latest album D.N.A. yes, iWas and still am a fan of 'Break Up' and 'Stranded', and also getting into 'Thinkin' About You'. however iRead the album review on concreteloop, and iHave to say i'm a bit disappointed that they said "....Giving a nod to his Baltimore/D.C. roots “Before She Said Hi,”(featuring G.O.O.D Music’s Big Sean) is the most noticeable go-go specific track, that is perfection indeed...."

yes! they said D.C. and Bmore, and then go-go in the same sentence!

no, no i'm not hype about the D.C. mention. i'm actually almost upset[?] bcuz last time iChecked Bmore was NOT in the DMV region [D.C. and the surrounding VA/MD area]. iHad previously [before the review] taken a listen to the track 'Before She Said Hi" and iWas NOT even thinking go-go. matterfact, iWasnt really LIKING the track. [iWas thinkin more 'oh i'll probly like it if iKeep it on rotay...']

iLove Mario, but he's not from D.C. its just that simple. and yeah 'Before She Said Hi' is heavy on the drums/go-go-ish but its def not "noticeably go-go specific"

for those who may have never heard go-go before, try checkin out some go-go music sites: gogocentral's imeem, Dc Go Go Paradise....

But don't forget to go cop Mario's new album D.N.A. IN STORES NOW!

Lady Gaga updates!

so its seems like Gaga [who iDo believe IS gaga] will be rereleasing her album, plus a couple new tracks, The Fame, newly titled The Fame Monster. no iWont lie. yes, iDid enjoy The Fame. and this new song 'No Way' is bad either. it def flows w/ the other songs on The Fame. take a listen:

***** and did iHear Beyonce is teaming up w/ her for a music vid for 'Video Phone'?!!?!?!?

Fashion files: Jordin Sparks

yes, i'm back with another jordin sparks hit..... smh. iWas on concreteloop and iPeeped some pix of Ms Sparks in Londontown. now from the first picture, iWlda been like 'ok. she's lookin casual. not stupid at least...' but then iScrolled down a lil and was horrified! JORDIN WTF!

[smh... why do iThink her face looks like an old goofy lady?!?!] what the hell are those maryjane flats?!?!!?

you see now this is the pic that EYE saw 1st:

"You see Jordin, I'm not tryna go on you or nothing... but I'm just always, and continually, disappointed with the things I see you wear. A beautiful young lady like you should not be looking like so. I'm excused because I'm not earning as much money with my little voice, like you are with ya big voice!" Please take note Ms. Sparks..... MGMT

my thinking: she can make this outfit better by wearin come platform booties or some super high pumps.....

photos via concreteloop