Friday, January 22, 2010

idk why...

iLike this dress.

sorry. i cldt copy the pic or URL.

im thinkin the dress is a lil flirty, soft, sensual. *shrugs*

i ♥♥ Jeffrey Campbell Shoes!

so the Poland lace-up bootie, along w the Alexa wedge bootie are limited edition LF x Jeffrey Campbell.

LF x Jeffrey Campbell | Alexa Wedge Bootie & Poland Lace Up Bootie

im diggin the Poland lace up bootie which is inspired by Burberry's Prorsum boots. also the Alexa wedge booties are inspired by the Acne Atacoma Black Metal wedge.

extra chexy!

Pray for Me

well, im kind of an emotional wreck right now. i just got out of my FR202 class almost an hr ago... and im feeling overwhelmed. the semester has just begun, so i know some ppl will probly give me the side eye.

well, leaving FR202, and turning in the homework, i find out that i've been reading the syllabus wrong, and have only been doing half the homework. and i wondered why the teach wrote 'devoirs incomplet' when i got it back. and she doesnt take late work.

so as i turned away from the teach to leave, tears started to form and started dropping before i even left the room. i hope no one saw me, cuz i was trying really hard for no one TO see me cry.

well, you mite think oh, its just 2 homeworks at the beginning of the semester... well its not just that for me. im really starting to think that ive chosen the wrong major. maybe french with business option is not the major i shld be pursuing.

more tears fell w/in the the past hour in my room. i just feel so useless. like ive been wasting my time, let alone think of the money its cost so far.

im barely catching on in FR202, and in FR201 im feelin like a idiot, like ppl are looking at me like 'how did she get in FR201' because its hard for me to speak of the top of my head. ive got to practice and brainstorm what i plan on saying...

i feel like im not in the rite place rite now.

and im not liking it.

i think i wanna cry some more. im not gonna go to ACCTG recitation. its not manditory. even though i know i need it. im just gonna not go today. im takin some personal time.

i'll probly fall asleep or something, watch a movie or something, and just contemplate on what a mess im making of myself...

p.s. im pretty sure i have some mistakes. but oh well.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Video Jukebox: Lemar

soooooo..... you know iDo adore Lemar and his music (;

and iHear he has a new single and video out, 'The Way Love Goes'

#letsbehonest tho cuz iDidnt cop his last album. why? well, lets just say iWasnt feelin the first single so therefore it affected my whole opinion on the cd. iKnow, i'm wrong for that right? oh well.... my 2nd excuse wld be that iHavent been to NY in a while, to go to the Virgin music store [thats the only place iCan get a physical cd!] where iGot The Truth About Love.

well, i'll cop it the next time im in NY...

but yeah, back to this new video/single... im liking the concept of it. idk if i've ever seen a music video w/ a Rubik's cube thing goin on... have you?

How much is too much??

so im Quite sure folks have all heard about The Hills star Heidi Montag and her "10 surgeries-in-one-day" new look. She's "addicted to [plastic] surgeries".

see iNever used to watch The Hills, or even Laguna Beach, until this past year or so [the season where Lauren Conrad leaves], so when iSaw an old pic of Hiedi, iThought "ewh. she def did upgrade." cuz she was really lookin like a Plain Jane, but not ugly....

heidi montag plastic surgery

well, like the title of this, how much is TOO much??

honestly, she overdid it... idk if she did/didnt get plastic surgery to look like the Heidi we've been seeing the past couple seasons of The Hills [after a 1st round of plastic surgery], but she DEF overdid it. she looks like a different person!! im not sure if thats what plastic surgery is sposed to be all about... [although we did see that w the beloved late MJ]. and now she's saying that she is "NOT addicted".

[just look how they forgot about THE OBAMAS, who shld be MORE important that her, they got the top right hand corner. smh]

how does Heidi now look in the mirror and still see "herself" i'd be ttly freaked out if iEver NOT looked like what i've been seeing in the mirror my whole life!

iJust want to know what she is thinking... and what also has me thinking is, isnt she a really religious/Catholic person? if so, why all the surgery?? it just baffles me! [personally iThink the new Heidi Montag is ugly and OLD looking! and she's only 23!! just 2yrs older than me!! smh]

[from this,L, to THIS, R]
heidi-montag-before-and-after-425x269 Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery: Before and After Pics
heidi montag
[And then from this, L, to THIIIISSSS, R]

Monday, January 18, 2010

Exclusive Listen 'The Sea'

Corrine Bailey Rae
so today on twitter, Corinne Bailey Rae posted a link to listen exclusively to her new album, The Sea!!!! im actually listening rite now! im lovin 'Are You Here' which is a tribute to her late husband [RIP Jason Rae]

Listen now!!! USA or UK

Saturday, January 16, 2010

So my laptop got sick ):

so iWas working on a post last week when my browser froze... turns outs that somehow a fake antivirus got on my computer. iHad to manually shut down my laptop... blah blah blah, my internet wasnt working, and iHad to get my laptop fixed, so iWill have it back 2moro afternoon!! yay! lol.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Who killed it?

iHavent done a music post in a while.... so iThought i'd bring it back with this post 'Who Killed IT?'

'Slow Love'. when iFirst heard it, it was a leak, or rather something leftover from the sessions of her last album....

however sometime ago [iDont remember how long ago], iCame across Brandy's version of the song

hmmmm. now iDont want to bias anyone's opinion since iWas rocking the Beyonce version first, but iHonestly think that Brandy's version is better. At least, iLike her's better.

What do you think?

* i have gotten some slack [apparently a complaint from DMCA about this post] i'd appreciate if it cld be explained to me. [iDidnt even receive the supposed email they say was sent to me...] but to enjoy this post in its entirety, go ahead and google both 'slow love beyonce' OR 'slow love brandy' to listen to the songs.

Corrine Bailey Rae on Billboard!

just peeped this on concreteloop.

make sure you pre-order her new album, Sea, on iTunes!

Jordin. Jordin.

once again, i'm not sure if iShld say that my girl Jordin Sparks has missed the mark.

honestly, she looks nice. makeup is good. and her dress, shall iSay, complements the 4th Annual Lemon Ball [where she was in this pick]

but is the dress not to cheesy? too prom-ish? somebody other than me say something!

iLuh Jordin, but she's gotta do better.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Last Girl On Earth


so. iCame to find out that Rihanna is putting out a 144pg photo book, The Last Girl On Earth, in June... ok... iMite check it out... maybe not BUY it but if iCan find it, iPeep it... stay tuned for the cover...

oh and it can be pre-ordered on Amazon, here.

oh and apparently, its 'sposed to be raunchy...

anyone know if this pic is from the book? or a show?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hair Gallery: Keri Hilson

ok, so on a blog iFollow, iSaw that Keri Hilson was listed as one of the ppl that stepped it up when they got a stylist [the "former" tomboy...]

even though iBeg to differ at times, the one thing iCAN say is that iThink Keri's hair is ALWAYS on point!!!!!

[hairstyle iDIDNT like was: the assymetrical cut, big no no. and recently when she wore it loosely curled, in general iWasnt likin the way she looked, makeup hair engh. she had a five-head not a forehead]

Singer Keri Hilson arrives at KIIS FM's Jingle Ball at Nokia Theater on December 5, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.
Singer Keri Hilson arrives at KIIS FM's Jingle Ball at Nokia Theater on December 5, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.
Singer Keri Hilson attends the BET AWARDS '09 nominee announcements at BET Studios on May 12, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Keri HilsonSinger Keri Hilson arrives at the 8th Annual BMI Urban Awards at the Wishire Theatre on September 4, 2008 in Los Angeles, California.

this one is my fave
Singer Keri Hilson attends the BCBG Max Azria Spring 2010 Fashion Show at the Tent during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Bryant Park on September 10, 2009 in New York, New York.

how can we forget the sweaty 'Energy' look?

ok iThink thats enough *sigh*