Tuesday, March 17, 2009

If you aint twitting, then YOU AINT WITH IT!!!!

guess what ppl? if you are not on twitter then you are not up on it. twitter is the latest BIG thing since facebook and myspace. it almost like an instant messenger type of facebook web service, where you answer your followers only Q: 'What are you doing?' it's great and i think you shld try it right about now:

Friday, March 13, 2009

Who is Electrik Red?

i guess more ppl are becoming aware of the group, electrik red, who are musically linked to the dream. the group is comprised of Naomi, Sarah, Lesley and Binkie, hailing from nyc and canada. before forming the group, they have individually worked with artists like usher, janet and mariah carey, and collectively were in ciara's video 'like a boy'.

[L to R : sarah, binkie, lesley, naomi]

sound: well, to me, they seem like another pussycat dolls type of group. as in there's the lead singer [seems to be naomi], and the group. i would describe their sound as a singing kelis and some back up vocals.

currents hits/singles: 'so good' [which i downloaded recently], 'drink in my cup', 'friend lover' [which i might download also]

Electrik Red - So Good
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

OMG iT's been too long!

but yeah, did anyone catch the lil wayne video for prom queen?!? crazy! well, not the video, but the fact that i still cant believe that he's actually going through wit this whole sensation of a rock album. why is he doing this? is it because he signed kevin rudolf? or is he tryna find his inner RoQstAr? smh. what's new?!?

well, i thought i'd share some new videos, including one by the dream n mariah carey for 'my love' [love dat song], 'magnificent' by rick ross ft. john legend [and john legend is looking good in this vid...and the all white. yess], musiq soulchild with 'sobeautiful' [both songs iEnjoy!], and also by some of the industry's recent artists, dwele with 'workin' on it' [enh.. i liked 'cheatin' better] and jazmine sullivan with 'dream big' [i never heard this track, but watchin the vid, iKinda like it...]. enjoy!

Dream ft. Mariah Carey - My Love

[ umm, mariah is the ghetto chick in this?.... ok...idk who did the script here...]

Rick Ross ft John Legend - Magnificent

Musiq Soulchild - "sobeautiful"

[love this track!]

Dwele - 'Workin On It'

[yeah it was kinda short...]

Jazmine Sullivan- Dream Big