Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fly Young Original Individual: BE YOU THAT IS WHAT BEST FITS YOU =]

Fly Young Original Individual: BE YOU THAT IS WHAT BEST FITS YOU =]: "AND YOU ROCK IT WELL =^]"

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Finder's Keepers

Also found this on Lulu's

Too cute! And it looks like they're exclusive to Lulu's too

This bag, I thee like

Found a really cute on Lulu's. It's got some leopard goin' on, and it looks like it's a good size!

Get it here.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


It's the great White Lace Dress. At least, according to my Friday email from Who What Wear, white lace dresses have made their trend report. [This brings me back to this lovely cream lace dress (ASOS) that I found in a Lucky mag issue from either late 2010 or early 2011.. I was never able to find it, but it's saved on my phone...]

I love that they've captured the type on the runway and on some celebs:

I think a white/cream/ivory lace dress is a must-have for one's closet: there's lots of dif ways to wear em! You can be elegant or punk, girly or even just casual!

Find your perfect lace dress, and the best way(s) to wear it!

Need some inspiration? Check here on Lookbook!

Here are a couple picks:

I honestly think that....

skinny people have more fun.

May 14, 2011 Recap

SO Penn State had spring commencements two weekends ago! Proud to say that some of my friends graduated and walked! Me, not this semester, if even this year. I was on the path set to graduate in December, but things didn't go well, and looks like I will be graduating with the Class of 2012 *insert tears here* It makes me really sad and disappointed with myself. Had I not chosen this wonderful major called French - Business Option, who knows, I may have just graduated one week ago!

On a happier note, here's me with my friend since fresh year, Shavon!

I truly do wish her the best of luck!

What it’s like to wear shorts when you’re fat:

  • Just one step forward and you feel your fat all over your body jiggling.
  • With every step you take, your thighs rub together, creating a burning sensation after only about 5 steps.
  • It’s as disgusting as seeing yourself naked, because all you have to do is look down and see how fat you really are. 
  • With every step you take you’re but fat smacks against your thigh fat, yeah, it does hurt a little. 
  • Wearing shorts when your fat decreases your confidence even more.
  • Seeing other people look good in shorts makes you hate your body more.
  • Sitting down is beyond the worst, because now all your fat is spread out and exposed to the world.
  • Barely any shorts that use to look half way decent, now look completely horrible on you, that’s IF you can get them on.
  • It is hot out. You are hot. But you can’t get cool because you want to cover up your body.
  • Now your belly fat isn’t just hanging over jeans, but now your shorts too, COME ON. And not to mention your thigh fat, poping out of the bottom part of your shorts… come on, really now?! And these shorts were BIG on you last year, now they barley zip.
  • Shorts when you’re fat means bending over while wearing them without showing the world where you stash your crack will NOT be possible
  • Tight shorts means, CAMEL TOE.
  • Tight shorts means, nothing in your pockets, NOTHING. Not even folded cash.
  • Tight shorts manage to turn a panty line into a canyon on your ass.
  • Muffin top, muffin bottom. You look like and feel like you’re a giant, puffy muffin stuffed into a pair of tight-ass shorts.
  • Walking for an hour in shorts, means having your thighs hurt from shaking and rubbing together so much.
  • You have to walk with a waddle, because your thigh fat gets in the way of walking normally.
  • You sit uncomfortably on the edge of the chair because your thigh fat will spread out if you don’t and you would end up looking like an elephant.
  • Every step you take you have to pull the shorts back down because your fat thighs keep making them ride up.
  • It’s hot out and your feeling hot because you have to stay covered up, so you can’t possibly cool down.
  • What’s usually hidden under your jeans will be exposed through shorts.
  • Chafing will be caused by that thigh fat rubbing together when you wear shorts.

This is so depressing

I don't wear shorts, and I just had to highlight points that were about me.. I guess it's the real reason why I don't wear shorts, not only because of my parents, but because I'm too fat for them. [And honestly, idk how people bigger than me can bear to put them on! If I thought I looked ridiculous, what do they look like!]

That being said, I guess I'll post what I've seen on some people twitter bio and tumblr accounts. It's embarassing.

HW 211 CW ~* LW 136 GW 160 UGW 150

I'm embarassed to say what my current weight is, but just know that my HW is really bad, and this is after I talked with my doctor about losing weight, before I even hit 200lbs! Idk what happened with me, how've I've let myself go!

And what I hate is when my friends tell me that I'm not even that big, when my parents keep reminding me every time I come home, or when one of my best friends who was bigger than me is now losing to the point that she may be a size or two smaller than me! It really makes me cry on the inside, and sometimes I just feel like being anorexic, bulimic. Because I get mad at my body, how big I am, wishing that I was skinny, was smaller....

Welp, don't be surprised if I start going in, posting stuff about being skinny, losing weight, pics of skinny people and whatnot

This is supposed to be the summer I turn my body around.

Monday, May 23, 2011

It's National Vegetarian Week!

This is new to me!

And here's my thoughts:

~ I tried giving up "meats" aka CHICKEN, since it's the main meat I eat, for Lent this year... I have to say that it was a bit hard. Hard, especially when my friends and I went to Mad Mex on late nights for half-off, and everyone else was having Los Wingos aka Mad Mex wings. Ugh!!!! Then I found out that during Lent there was a free day, Sundays, only to find out from my friend that she "lied" to me, because that only works if you're like Catholic! And this was after eating chicken on like two Sundays, I felt bad then I didn't, I guess, cause it wasn't like I just indulged on chicken and totally pigged out, cause I didn't!

~ That being said! I'm not sure if I could truly become a vegetarian! My same friend who became a veg after Lent two years ago, has gone back to eating chicken WINGS... Yeah my sister's veg, but idk... It's a whole lifestyle change I think, I'm not so sure if I'm ready for it...

~ BUT! I am willing to do it for this week! Without cheating! [Yep, in fact my dinner consisted of poached tilapia and spinach and corn. Oh and some noodles *guilty] #MeatlessMondays [I've gotta get back to that!]

And for anyone who's interested in participating, join from today till Sunday! And if you're really contemplating goin vegetarian, there's this free vegetarian/vegan starter courtesy of PETA I believe, check it here.

Happy Vegging! : D