Monday, January 31, 2011

DIY. Half Moon Mani

I've done a post on half moon/ruffian manicures before, but this time I thought I'd post a tutorial [link].

A friend asked how I did mine, so I thought this would be helpful to others as well...

Go here for the tutorial by The Cherry Blossom Girl

Here's a picture of my nails from a couple weeks ago.

Another thing to do is Youtube 'half moon manicures' and there are lots of tutorials on how to do them.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shoe Game

I got a Piperlime email a little while ago, and one of the shoes in the email caught my attention!

These are the Pierre Dumas Carolina 3, and only do a little damage of 65$!

Ok, so reasons why I like this shoe:

  • They're definitely gonna give me a little height with the 4" heel [I'll be about 5'9" lol]; 
  • They're simple yet a bit sexy ;) with the crossover strap and peeptoe; 
  • And the crossocer strap is the deal breaker for me! I got the fat/wide foot gene, which always discourages me from buying shoes alot cause I am really self-conscious about how my feet look...
So yeah, these are definitely on my list of things to get soon. And I can't wait to pull them out in the spring and summer times, they'll def be a look for an outfit to a wedding, friend's graduation and more in 2011!!

Get them here!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Back to Maxi

Back once again, and appearing more and more on the runway and fashion trends for 2011 is the maxi skirt!!

This is one of my fave trends! [Yes, I do like to show some skin every now & then.] And I'm glad it's making a comeback this year, because last year it wasn't very very popular..

How to wear it: Pair it with a loose fitting tee/top/sweater and an extreme wedge! I've also worn a maxi dress in a tomboy-ish style with Chucks, a plaid shirt tied at the waist, and a beanie! And I like to wear a maxi skirt with a close fitting sheer turtleneck, a sweater vest, and black lace up booties!

Here are some looks featuring the maxi:

From Where Did U Get That
Opening Ceremony on Shopbop
From Lulu's

See more maxi looks on Where Did U Get That here, and watch out for the look at your favorite stores and from your favorite brands!

Cheap Chic

So you've probably seen the awesome YSL Palais pumps around the web and in stores, or even on someone who you envy just for wearing 'em.

Well you can get it for LESS! Instead of dishing out 720$ + tax, just get a pair or River Island Unicorn platform pumps, and just for a little over a 100$!

River Island is a quite decent brand, and I've noticed pieces by them on several blogs by UK/European/int'l bloggers that I follow. So don't think any less of it, they have a lot of nice stuff. Visit their website: River Island. However, the brand is only in the UK, and also some stores in Europe, the Middle East, and SE Asia/Malaysia. I guess us Americans have to wait till they decide to cross the lake like ASOS, or just visit a store while traveling.

River Island Unicorn pump

Get the Unicorn pumps here!

photos via Nitrolicious and ASOS

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Please Help!

Ok, so it seems like whenever you need something, it's never to be found!

This goes for me looking for the Christy Turlington Maybelline Color Sensational lip color ad!

I've seen the ad before, but now when I want to find out what color she's wearing, I can't find it! At least, I can't find the bottom part where it notes the color.

Here's the ad, if anyone knows the color, please lemme know ! Thanx !

Harness that Shoe, Baby

I spotted on Highsnobette the (IN)Decorous Taste Crystal Spike Shoe Harnesses are now available.

Looks like a new way to spice up a pair of hot shoes, if your opposed to bows and other such frills!

Check out (IN)Decorous Taste for more options and the lookbook, as well as Seven New York to buy them, starting at 350$


Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So The Game, former CW series, premiered on BET tonight...

And I have a few comments about it.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hot Item

I was definitely attracted to this pair of boots because they're different. Where do you find a pair of leopard print cowboy style boots??

They are the mle BOUNTY and are on sale on ideeli today for $119 till tomorrow.


They also come in black and rust (brown).

I'm not sure where to get these mle shoes besides ideeli today, but apparently they're made in Brazil...