Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kinda feels good to be back home


i might be tired, but im glad to be sleeping in my own queen size bed. i missed my lavender walls, after looking at the ivory concrete ones at school... i started to do some cleaning in my room. you know, what it nice and clean everytime i come home......

well, i found a great show: the starter wife. i had downloaded the free episode on iTunes, like a couple weeks ago, but never watched it until yesterday evening. its actually not a bad show. i like it, and in the process of watching it, missed my show the game. oh well. now im catching up on all episodes of each csi i missed. csi: miami and ny down, csi to go. and after that, maybe i'll start some work. i am after all back for thansgiving.....

btw, ever heard of koreatown? thats different. im pretty sure a lot of major cities have their own chinatown, which usually includes other asian nationalities other chinese. but i just saw koreatown on csi.... hmmm.... interesting