Monday, November 17, 2008

oh my god.......

if y'all dont get off eliving.......... it seems that everyone is on right now tryna get their housing at main campus. but since 12 pm? well i dont blame them, you gotta fill them forms out asap, or you wont be living anywhere.

but i guess they realized the flow of students submitting contract requests was so much, so they stopped it until later. i feel bad, because i was playing around on the computer and then decided to just add melnay as my roomie. it worked, but when i came back to the website to do it for my friend domo and bernie, that message came up.... oops! how was i supposed to know that the server was gonna work just that once?

anyways, i didnt get enough sleep last night, so i kinda dozed off at the end of cas 175. did you get that? at the end not at the beginning. wow. well i came back to take a nap, cuz i was tired and not feeling well. then i aint go to my french class. oh well.... i know it's once a week, but i dont even need it. its just a refresher for me, cuz after 3 years of high school french and 1 year without it, i need to hit the F5 button on my brain.

at least i'm prepared for my engl 201 class. last nights reading was Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? by Joyce Carol Oates. it was and interesting story. but im not sure what the point of it was.... because idk if the main character connie is supposed to be kidnapped by arnold, who she saw at the drive in restaurant where all the teenage kids hang out at night. well i'll find out in our discussion of tonights class. *sigh*