Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Finally done!

yes!!!! after looking a mess for the past three weeks, i am finally done with this semester. i only pray that God will have mercy on me, and let me pass my classses with nothing less than a c cause a d is def not what i need in order to get to where im going. if i wanna go to main campus, im gonna have to be getting some good grades. well, im actually really tired right now. i was supposed to take a nap, but i got carried away, so now im in the coffee shop chillin with berniemac while she studies for her physiology final 2moro. sighhhhhhh it starting snowing here in pennsylvania this morning, i wonder what the weather's like in dc. cant wait to go home! i might not like my house, but i will def be loving my room for the next two days, when i catch up on some sleep. but even now, im so bored that i wish i had something to do beside write this blog. maybe read a book, or maybe i cld write a short story? hmmm, i will ponder that some more. mel left earlier today, so that's one friend gone, and then doms is leaving today. then it'll be me 2moro, and berniemac and la von on thurs or fri. ugh, i have a lump in my throat, not because im sad though....