Monday, December 29, 2008

I love lemar!!!!!!

lemar is a british/uk r&b/soul singer. i found out about his music when i watched mtv base in nigeria. well, that was about three cds ago, as he just dropped his latest, the reason, late november. i love his musi, despite my friends making fun of me.... he's got a great voice, and i hope he'll crossover just like estelle did [whom i knew way before american boy, how bout you try her song free from way back...]


born in london to nigerian parents, lemar has become the uk's leading pop/soul artist. at seventeen, he already had his first concert, supporting usher at the junior jam at the tottemham. and instead of studying pharmacy at cardiff univ, he pursued his musical career. [and look at him today!] before landing a bmg contract (who he's no longer with) he supported artists like usher, total and destiny's child. debut single: got me saying ooh. he is notably known for being on fame academy in 2002, which led to his sony music record deal. not only that but he has worked with some well known artists including styles p, joss stone, and sway. now 30 years old [wow... he never seems that old to me...], lemar is a father and is still doing it big in the uk.

singles include: dance (with u), 50/50, another day, if there's any justice, time to grow, don't give it up, it's not that easy, someone should tell you, if she knew [2008].