Friday, January 2, 2009

New year, same problems

you'd think that with a new year, you get new problems... sorry folks. that doesnt quite cut it. this year, you still have the same problems. but hey, maybe they'll go away, and then you'll be faced with new ones. i mean, come on, who said life was easy? yeah, who said that? find the person who did, and get back to me. but, i was sitting reflecting on what to do with my life. my aunt was asking me a couple a hours ago, and i was like you know im still not sure yet. do i really wanna go to culinary school after college? and then the idea came to me! maybe i can double major with hotel and restaurant mgmt, so then i probly dont have to be a chef to own my own restaurant. i can just own one for the sake of owning one! yeah, right? idk, i'm still working on it. i'm just gona pray for God to gimme guidance, cuz it's a rough world out there. i mean, i gotta think what exactly can i do with this degree when i graduate? an exactly how much money can i make off of it? ya dig? maybe i'm just talkin too much.any feedback?