Saturday, January 17, 2009



"it was all a dream, i used to read word-up magazine..."

"relax and take notes..."

so, how many of you went to see notorious last night? i did, even though we were like 10 min into the movie late, because it was sold out, and it just so happened that 5 people returned their tickets [too bad for them].

i'm not going to lie. the movie wasnt all it was hyped to be. it wasn't bad, but it wasnt the best i've seen. the main problem i saw with it was all the things that were socially chronologically incorrect. maybe you dont understand what i'm saying. people were NOT driving 2008 hummer h3s in 1995! LOL, seriously.idk if they were in a rush to release the movie, or what. but i'm sure that there was enough money to get whips that did belong in the 1995 era. c'mon! did anyone not notice that? even the clothing the characters wore weren't all chronologically correct. seriously, watch the movie, then watch some of b.i.g.'s music videos, or look at sme of your throwback pics. peep some of the minor errors. i also know that the film was rated r but i wonder how naturi, who played lil kim, feels being nude in certain scenes! but yeah, all in all, it was anokay movie. and if yo haven't seen it, go ahead and find out where it's playing near you! ttyl