Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rihanna update

oh my! word on the street is that rihanna is re-re-releasing good girl gone bad. this time its a remix version, all remixes. interesting. when people started doing the re-release thing last year, i never thought that anyone would re-release a re-release. ahh, too many res! well,i guess rihrih is the first?

oh and also here's new music from her featuring her man, chris breezy. lol. 2008s it couple got another track.... the song is slated for her next, 4th album. its supposed to more rock, e.g. disturbia, according to rihanna...hmm. i'd like to see how this will go down, because at first i wasnt feeling disturbia, but its grown on me. probly only becuz my friend berniemac, rihrih addict, has worn that song and just about any top 10 rnb/hip hop song. ugh. lol

Rihanna - Bad Girl feat. Chris Brown