Tuesday, March 10, 2009

OMG iT's been too long!

but yeah, did anyone catch the lil wayne video for prom queen?!? crazy! well, not the video, but the fact that i still cant believe that he's actually going through wit this whole sensation of a rock album. why is he doing this? is it because he signed kevin rudolf? or is he tryna find his inner RoQstAr? smh. what's new?!?

well, i thought i'd share some new videos, including one by the dream n mariah carey for 'my love' [love dat song], 'magnificent' by rick ross ft. john legend [and john legend is looking good in this vid...and the all white. yess], musiq soulchild with 'sobeautiful' [both songs iEnjoy!], and also by some of the industry's recent artists, dwele with 'workin' on it' [enh.. i liked 'cheatin' better] and jazmine sullivan with 'dream big' [i never heard this track, but watchin the vid, iKinda like it...]. enjoy!

Dream ft. Mariah Carey - My Love

[ umm, mariah is the ghetto chick in this?.... ok...idk who did the script here...]

Rick Ross ft John Legend - Magnificent

Musiq Soulchild - "sobeautiful"

[love this track!]

Dwele - 'Workin On It'

[yeah it was kinda short...]

Jazmine Sullivan- Dream Big