Monday, August 10, 2009

edited yahoo teen choice best + worst dressed

1st up: Britney spears

not my fav outfit. at all. but if she was gonna wear this dress, why wld she wear those shoes? total outfit is a 0 outta 5.

2. The jo bros
[nick, joe kevin?]
idk which is which but they all look ugly in this pic. sorry. iUsually think the youngest is a lil cutie, but they weren't cuttin it. i'm thinkin the youngest [Left] shlda switched outfits w/ the middle [joe?] the outfit seems to adult for him. 2 outta 5.

3. Miley cyrus [NOT hannah montana]

iLike her outfit. iSo disagree w/ yahoo on her accessories, they mark the outfit [she is a pop rocker rite?] but iDo agree that iWldn't be lettin MY 16yr old daughter walk out the house like that. once again, the outfit is too adult [but cute]. 4 outta 5.

4. Zac efron

zac is lookin very kid friendly. did he die his hair? outfit: engh 3 outta 5.

5. Vanessa hudgens

did anyone tell her to NOT wear those purple pumps, that they dont match the dress?!?!!? the hell was she thinkin.

"her off-color purple pumps were a tad distracting."
- yahoo

the dress is kinda cute tho. 3 outta 5.

6. girl from twilight? [kristen stewart]
the layered top and skirt are an interesting match. not bad, not bad. its almost like casual meets gladiator? 3 outta 5.

7. Kim kardashian
actually this comment is not about her clothes but her hair. if you ask me, she looks like a fake lauren conrad [the hills]. outfit isnt bad tho, do her shoes come in gold, cuz they wlda been better w/ the white... 4 outta 5.

8. Leighton meester

ok, last time iChecked, leighton meester didnt look like this, she looked prettier. outfits ok, casual dress meets pretty girl maryjane pumps. 4 outta 5.

9. Keke palmer

keke you really disappointed me here. she's usually a sharp dresser for her age, what went wrong. she looks like a tina turner mini-me [minus the hair]! 1 outta 5.

10. Selena gomez

this isnt the way to tell us your a goody-two shoes. yahoo and iAgree, a very matronly look. she shlda lost the dress, give it to her mother or someone. she clda used the heels to play up a more teen-bopper outfit. 1 outta 5. [the dress is even outta place, it cld be something iImagine someone wearin to a wedding!]

11. Hayden panettiere

the 'fit is ok, nothing special about it. 3 outta 5.

12. BEP

actually, iBeg to differ w/ yahoo. the black eyed peas are SUPPOSED to have a futuristic flow. yeah the guys arent the best dressed but thats them. when HAVE they dressed normal? 2 outta 5. 4/5 for fergie.

13. Amanda bynes

if you ask me, amanda's style never changes. she's never racy [you know she's alwas doing something PG-13], always cute. 5 outta 5.

14. Ashley tisdale

well 'sharpay' can pull off an ombre look! cute. 4 outta 5.

15. Jordin sparks

yahoo musta thought she was cute. NOT! NOT! NOT! a prom dress from like 5 yrs ago wth! and how did she come to put together those shoes, that clutch and THIS dress!!!!!! it disturbs me! my tweet from when i 1st saw these pix:

" jesus! who styles jordin sparks?!?!! outfit @ teen choice awards: WTF! seriously! iThink she shld recruit me... smh "

" how did she match that bright orange clutch, those tan and silver clunky heals and that turquoise prom dress?!?! "

like iSaid, jordin sparks: "YOU NEED TO RECRUIT ME!"

outfit: DUD!

16. Kristen bell

why iHavent seen you since 'veronica mars' lol. ms bell is lookin very grown up, laid back relazed and casual, in the fit rite here tho... dont like the sandals but i'll throw her a: 5 outta 5.

17. Abigail breslin

wth did this to this poor child? i'm not mad tho, she looks like a kid, which she is. 1 outta 5.

18. Alexis bledel

yes yahoo! her eyes do look creepy! but in a prety way. her eyes look really beautiful [no homo] outfit 3 outta 5. [only bcuz it makes her eyes pop so much!]

19. Emma roberts

idk who this emma roberts is, but the fit is ok. 3 outta 5.

20. Rumer willis and co [from sorority row]

for some reason iDont remember rumer willis being so skinny [yea she wa skinny too in house bunny] iThink she's dieting too much, she's lookin thin to me. outfits 3 outta 5 [but dont really like the girl on the Right's outfit]

21. Jojo

not a big fan of this outfit. thats all iHave to say. 2 outta 5.

22. Kat von d

get back on the bus kat, you're embarassing. DUD!

23. Lil mama

iCant say i'm disappointed. iNever see lil mama wearin anything that catches me eye... but i'll say she's one to try a different look all the time [what happened to her music career?] 1 outta 5.

24. Corbin bleu

corbin bleu, iHeard he's in some new show? the hair cut makes him look older, but iThink that when it was longer and he'd pull in back in a ponytail he'd look real good... [hey hey, i'm just sayin] outfit: 3 outta 5. nothing spectacular.

Lastly: Ashley greene

I'm sorry how is this a fail? yea the outfit mite seem a lil forever 21-ish, but its ok. 3 outta 5.