Sunday, August 30, 2009


i'm not fully back yet! but iAm here with a couple updates. some of you may have already heard of these already, but iJust thought i'd share some of the songs iRecently listened to to, and am liking.

but yea, i'm still waiting on my laptop to get back to me [hurry up Dell!!!!]

1. wale ft jazmine sullivan - world tour
yeah so, iWasn't really a big wale fan when he was more on the go go scene, but now as an up an comin rapper [not that he was never a rapper before...] in the main hip hop industry, iAm supporting a DC artist, bcuz thats just what iGotta do rite? but yea, listen to this one [although iThink he's upset that it got leak'd... pele] and in case you haven't already, go download back to the feature which is his mixtape from this summer. and stay tuned for attention: deficit due in stores Oct 2oth! yea wale! lol

2. marques houston - body
so, lets just say that mh has been outta the scene for some time, or better yet, as some ppl put it 'so 90s/early 2000s' icant say iDisagree too much. you know its just some folk, that were IT a while back, tryna come back on the scene... for some it aint workin too good. well via concreteloop, iHeard this track along w/ another that he just released... it aint bad.... btw, he's releasing an album later this month, mr. houston, iWonder how thats gonna turn out...

3. jay-z ft drake - off that
well, we all know that hova is back with som brand new raps, the blueprint III. [what is it w/ folk that are "retired"] and i'm guessing this might be his next single? but anyways, he's back w/ another one ft one of our fav freshmen, drake

4. hal linton - she's dangerous
a newcomer. hal linton is a barbados native, who also happen to have been found by the same team that gave us rihanna. iGuess he's not so new, since he won like 4 awards [at barbados music awards] for his 07 single 'cardiac arrest'. but he is prepping his debut album, return from the future, you might wanna check that out...

5. jay z - venus vs mars
another leak'd track produced by *cough* timbaland *cough* [hmmmm....]

6. drake ft kanye, wayne, eminem - forever remix
so, drizzy, when's the album droppin? you can't keep releasing mixtapes and random tracks! lol iLike this one though...

7. daniel merriweather ft wale - change
this song reminders me of something john mayer wld sing.... but iLikey oh and he's doing a remix contest, so everyone get ya skills together and enter! []