Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fashion files: Jordin Sparks

yes, i'm back with another jordin sparks hit..... smh. iWas on concreteloop and iPeeped some pix of Ms Sparks in Londontown. now from the first picture, iWlda been like 'ok. she's lookin casual. not stupid at least...' but then iScrolled down a lil and was horrified! JORDIN WTF!

[smh... why do iThink her face looks like an old goofy lady?!?!] what the hell are those maryjane flats?!?!!?

you see now this is the pic that EYE saw 1st:

"You see Jordin, I'm not tryna go on you or nothing... but I'm just always, and continually, disappointed with the things I see you wear. A beautiful young lady like you should not be looking like so. I'm excused because I'm not earning as much money with my little voice, like you are with ya big voice!" Please take note Ms. Sparks..... MGMT

my thinking: she can make this outfit better by wearin come platform booties or some super high pumps.....

photos via concreteloop