Friday, October 30, 2009

Jourdan Dunn... Preggers?!?!

ok so obviously, i'm a lil late [haha] with this info being that British model Jourdan Dunn is due in December....

it seems to be surprising to me because she was just on the the cover of Teen Vogue, NOT looking pregnant...

um wow... iGuess the only thing to say is that 'life happens', right?

[via AstonMozie']

this is her with Chanel Iman on the cover of Teen Vogue, Oct '09 issue. [word is, they didn't know she was pregnant until AFTER the shoot.... iWonder is there wlda been any difference if they had known...]

and inside the mag

she looks happy....

and what did Teen Vogue have to say? they said that " Teen pregnancy is a difficult, real-life issue that Teen Vogue readers (with an average age of 18) are mature enough to be exposed to. "

i'm glad that she's happy, but i'm also upset because this is an example of what our society/world has come to: it's ok that young people, kids/teens, ages 10-20, have children of their own! it wasnt so back in the day! yeah yeah, we say this is now, not then. but it's kind of a shame, where no one tells teens to practice abstinence, or at least safe sex! seriously! well, at least she didn't have an abortion! that's another thing. instead of people dealing with consequences, learning from their mistakes, they choose to eradicate them, and don't even learn [did you hear of the woman who had like what 30 abortions! smh]. as a society/world, we need to get it together! *sigh*

but iWonder how and if this will affect her career.... [someone commented "All that money, and she can't afford birth control?" smh]