Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years!

happy new year folks! glad God allowed me to see a new year, how bout you??

iHope this year will bring many new things! for me, iPray i'll get a part-time job some where!!! *crossing my fingers* also iNeed to study abroad this summer, and i'm really hoping that iCan go to Paris. my GPA is a lil lower than 3.0 but this semester i'm aiming for all A's [so iCan boost it] and be able to do things w/o academic worries!! also iWld like to lose some weight this spring. Doc says iNeed to lose 40, so i'm aiming b/w 40-50lbs. i'll pay for a gym membership on campus, and try to start a new diet [idk how succesful that's gonna be, but if iWant a new bod, hey its gonna cost me rite?] what else?? hopefully iCan figure out how to help myself graduate in Spring 11... rather than FALL 11... [ugh] iJust dont want to rush myself and end up like getting straight C's, ya know what im sayin?

what are your goals for TwentyTen???

oh and if Microsoft is tryna put out a Office 2010, then i'm gonna have to see if iCan get a new laptop... preferably a MacBook...

[mite be a couple hrs early but its the thought that counts!!]