Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kanye x Bape

iCaught a glimpse of the Kanye for BAPE shoot on necolebitchie.... honestly, i've fallen for 'Ye once again. you don't even know i've been swooned by him since College Dropout... but dont tell my friend melanie or she'll call me a maneater!!

doesnt he just look scrumptious??

however, [in other news] iReally hope he doesnt wife Amber Rose.. she just isnt wifey material. iMean iGuess[??] its great thats he's had her as "comfort/by his side" since his mother's death but pls 'Ye, pls dont make her your bride PLS! rumor has it that he's gonna propose to her, maybe by the end of this yr/early nxt yr, thats what the rumor is.... what are your thoughts??

kanye west bathing ape 3
kanye west bathing ape 6
Kanye West Bathing Ape 2
kanye west bathing ape 5

these are the pics iThink he looks incredibly chexy in... [he he]

Kanye West Bathing Ape 1
isnt he just adorable?

that one pic w him in the army fatigue jacket... that was a no no. iHope he never wears anything like that again...