Friday, December 25, 2009

On the last day of Christmas, iWish God'd give to me...

so today's gift off the WISH list wasnt predetermined like just about every other thing on the list. its more personal, iGuess... it was very spur of the moment bcuz iSaid it on Twitter when iWas feelin somehow.

this last WISH is probly the one that iWld want to most to just come to pass [pls God, iPray] well, ok a new phone can come rite after it, but....

iWld like for my certain relatives, maternal and paternal, to put aside their differences/bitterness, shall iSay, and just be a part of the family. [there is no maternal v paternal type of problem its actually maternal v maternal and paternal v paternal] i'm not sure how serious the issue is, but when you have some that dont never call or answer they phones, never spend time w/ other folks in the family [yet are faithful church goers], even to the point where one family member may be accused of having to dow/ the death of another's spouse[although i'm not very sure of how serious this case was, and iBelieve it was resolved...] its enough to think that certain folks arent family.

idk what it is, but iJust pray that these grown folks will get their acts together! its only one live you live, w/ the one family that you grew up with!


well, that's my last wish. guess i'll see this topic [WISH list] again nxt yr, and iWonder how many things will be checked off the list!