Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Who killed it?

iHavent done a music post in a while.... so iThought i'd bring it back with this post 'Who Killed IT?'

'Slow Love'. when iFirst heard it, it was a leak, or rather something leftover from the sessions of her last album....

however sometime ago [iDont remember how long ago], iCame across Brandy's version of the song

hmmmm. now iDont want to bias anyone's opinion since iWas rocking the Beyonce version first, but iHonestly think that Brandy's version is better. At least, iLike her's better.

What do you think?

* i have gotten some slack [apparently a complaint from DMCA about this post] i'd appreciate if it cld be explained to me. [iDidnt even receive the supposed email they say was sent to me...] but to enjoy this post in its entirety, go ahead and google both 'slow love beyonce' OR 'slow love brandy' to listen to the songs.