Monday, February 1, 2010

Apple iPad

yea yea. iMite be almost a week late, but i'm still posting rite? [ugh. lol]

well i'll have you know that iWas patiently waiting for the arrival of this new product, the Apple iPad. but upon its arrival, iAm extremely DISAPPOINTED!

WHY am iDisappointed?? well iWas honestly expecting a tablet PC from Apple. thats what iThought the iPad was gonna be. but what do we have here: basically a huge iPhone/iPod touch sans the phone capability.

iAm utterly disappointed. why didnt Apple just do the wise thing and make a tablet/touchscreen MacBook?? im not sure how sales are going so far. im sure Apple loyalists will indulge on this newbie, but iJust dont think this was the product that Apple shld have released.

*sigh* maybe later this yr or nxt yr they will surprise us w/ a tablet MacBook. until then iWill consider buying a MacBook and having it TURNED into a tablet...

btw, this thing starts at 500$ and accessories are available. if you want one, get on the list for availability info.