Thursday, February 18, 2010

best i ever had

so iBeen thinkin iHavent done a food/recipe post in the longest! probly since like the summertime...

well iThought i'd do a couple.

iLove cornbread! it is JUST SO delicious!!!! at home, we can make cornbread at least once a week! that and we usually make enough for each person in our house to have like 2/3 servings [thats 7/8 ppl and about 18 servings] before my mom started buying the mix, she wld get cornbread from Giant sometimes, this was when we didnt eat cornbread that much. sometimes it'd be from Boston Market. then sometime last yr, while iWas at school, she started buying Penguin Natural Foods cornbread mix from Costco.

since i've been back to school last fall, i've been obsessed w/ having cornbread every now and then. i've even put my friends on! they weren't serious cornbread eaters, but now when one of us says cornbread, we all want some!

while i'm at school iDont have access to Penguin brand mix, so iStarted using Krusteaz Natural Honey cornbread mix [iBelieve you can use the fat free one too] after a failed try w/ the traditional Jiffy brand mix. iRemember my mom used to use Jiffy WAY back in the day, but iDont remember it like that. iUsed the mix last semester and it was soooooo dry! iWas like NEVER again.

SO so far my best cornbread mixes go to:
  1. Penguin Natural Foods

  2. Krusteaz

  3. Jiffy, ie if you cant find these other two, or MUST just use Jiffy brand. on one try to make it moist, i've used a can of sweet creamed corn. iWld suggest you find the smallest can, or dont use all of w/e can you do find. my mistake was that it was TOO moist, iPersonally didnt like it, but my friend and roomies did.
and you can better your cornbread "experience" by drizzling honey on it straight out of the oven! YUMMM. enjoy!

for more cornbread recipes see the ones on the Penguin site, here.

im yet to make a cornbread mix from scratch!!! iWanna try and see if iCan perfect the "cornbread experience" lol