Sunday, February 21, 2010

feelin a lil thirsty

so after a lil nite in w the girls, and boykeith & his friend evan, playing kings, iThought hmmm we def got to mix some better drinks!!!!!!! omg, so embarassing: the drink we mixed, besides coke&rum, was "Dirty Dishwater". frankly the drink looked like dirty dishwater! it was a lil mad dog, skyy vodka, pineapple juice, and a drop of blue food coloring.... oh my... oh and sprite


well iForget where iSaw the "recipe" for these drinks iThink we shld try nxt time:

1 Party In Ya Mouth : Ciroc + Redbull + touch of fresh pineapple juice

2 Nutron: Nuvo + Patron

3 Strawberrry Lemon Ciroc: Ciroc + Strawberry Lemonade

so who wants to get this party started?!?!?!?!? whooooooo LOL

oh, and FYE [they mite get me for this... oh well]