Wednesday, April 7, 2010


to my lovely, fellow bloggers out there!

how's everyone doin?

well, iJust wanted to stop by and say hello, yes iKnow i've been AWOL.

good explanation for that. MY internet was cut off in my apt, and iThink its affected my wireless as well, so literally im F*ckd! lol [pardonnez-moi ma francais]

lol, i've even been updating my twitter account from my phone! but my internet shld be restored sometime on Fri :( ughhhhh

well, i've been thinking about some posts iWill be doin nxt, they are going to be very personal, some of my thoughts, not so much fashion and other stuff :\ but thats what my blog is for rite?!?! lol

ok, tootles bloggers!