Thursday, May 13, 2010

Checking In


YES! I'm working on a new post!! sorry that I've been AWOL and all.

I got into a study abroad program to Paris, and I've been trying to find funding for the trip!!! It's approx $9,650! Where am I to get that kind of money from! So far, I've gotten like 200 from my major at school, and I'm waiting to find out if I'll get something from my dept... and I'm also looking at loans :( unfortunately.
My parents don't have all that money to spend after paying one school year... see what ppl don't understand is that you may live in a 9-bedroom house, and own another 9-bed house, and own another house, but that doesn't make you rich. It only means that you have SO much to pay for! That plus 5 kids + grandma!

well, this was just a lil check in. I'm working on a post that is written. it stems from something more personal, less fashion, less social media... and when i post, i'd really appreciate it if you leave comments! they mean a lot to me!

thanx for staying tuned!