Wednesday, June 9, 2010

random StyleFile

if you havent visited Karla Deras' blog, do so!

iLove her style! 

just thought i'd post this outfit, cuz iLove it! its an example of how you can wear non matchy colors, but still they come together! iThink some ppl still have a hard time realizing this, always thinkin oh but green doesn't go with peach [actually thats a real nice combo ;) ] but really you can put forest green, peach, burgundy and gold [something like a peach blouse, green/burgundy blazer/whatever, burgundy/green bottom and gold accessories wld pair nicely] together and still look fab!

visit Karla's Closet! and also check for her collectible bag! [isnt that cool?!?!]

photo via: Karla's Closet