Wednesday, June 16, 2010

saw this post on this girl's blog [she went to my HS].

how many friends do you have that fit this description?

im thinkin some[one] in my circle of buddies, or  "crew",  mite fit this description, and im gonna have to cut them off sometime...


All girlfriends ain't "GOOD girlfriends"

Is it the sideways comments,picking the pictures that you look horrible in,or always complaining about one of your pieces??

Those experiences happen everyday whether you realize it or not,as women we surround our self with a team of experts in many fields also know as

But not all the time do we see through all the MAC that they apply so frequently! personally i trust my friends and their judgments, but that's just the thing!! WHAT'S behind these judgments are there personal vendettas, envious thoughts,or vindictive motives;

All in All most friends do have your "best interest" at heart; but at what great lengths are they willing to deceive you to twist your thoughts into thinking this is simple advice??
Questions began to arise;

Are they simply friends with you so they won't have to compete with your greatness, So they'd rather buddy up than face the consequences? Whose To Say


1.a frequent or favorite female companion; sweetheart.
2.a female friend.

The bond of true Girlfriends is very scarce during these times because of women's lack of confidence and security. When found between 4,3,2, or maybe even 1 good girlfriend it is a beautiful thing. The security from the friendship the bond that knowing no matter whatShe will always be your support system when no one else understands. 

So hold onto those Blooming Friendships and Secure Relationships don't let too many people see your small cat fights or the infamous Best Friend "eye contact." People love to see a good thing fail don't give them the satisfaction. If you are surrounded by faulty friends that stab you in the back eliminate and in the words ofLauren Conrad "I want to forgive you & FORGET you"

Leaving you with this...

"How many GOOD Girlfriends do you REALLY have?"

ugh, reading this a bit almost makes me upset, cuz when you really start to know ppl, thats when you find out that they're really all about themselves, dont care for no one else. even when from the get-go you know they were a lil uppity, they prove to be much worse once you really get to know them. its sad really...

but im gonna stop there.

iThink we all need to evaluate those in our life that we call friends. some ppl only really deserve the term associate. and that we need to really determine and make sure who is who in our life.

but if you have some good friends, im talkin bout some really genuine ppl in your life: then iCommend you for not allowing those that'll inconspicuosly tear you down. Kudos.

Ponder on that

post  via LovesDErricka