Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Why Are Girls So Stupid For Love Pt II

OK, so the second part to my gist [go here for the previous post] is not about girls being naive and just can't see past "love." it's about those that are stubborn, stupidly going after the guy that doesn't want them, or even show any signs of commitment, or they just sit around waiting for some guy to finally say that he wants to be w her, yet he has a girlfriend and doesn't show that he's ending that relationship.


lol. well as always, there's a story that causes my rants.
so we'll call my friend C. so freshman year, what started out as a joke, turned into C falling for one of our guy friends, R.J. but i wouldn't know about this till the fall of our sophomore year. now R.J. had an off-on girlfriend back home. wanna know why? well basically a serial cheater, and apparently so is/was his girl *smh [i'm not sure if R.J. and his girl are still together...] Ok well, to bemore specific, R.J. likes to do anything that walks on two legs (females ie). this is vital, because C knew about this, and STILL fell for R.J. and STILL fell for R.J. and R.J continued to get back w his girl, because he just had too much love for her and they both messed up... [yeah whatever] 

well like i said, i didn't know that C seriously like R.J. until it became real: she lost her virginity to him -__-

i'll have to tell you, i was upset when i was told this, but of course i didn't show it. why? because it's not my life. if it's one thins i've learned din life, it's that you can't live it for others. they make their own decisions, and whatever the outcome, too bad, or good for them.

like a good friend, i listened to whatever C felt she had to tell me. but in the back of my head, i questioned over and over, why would she do this? does she understand the stupid mistake she's just made?

and then she basically cried when she told R.J. that she wanted a relationship from him, and he said that he didn't wanna be with her, even though he liked her [don't remember if it was something about he didn't wanna hurt her, idk]. even after all that... or whatever complicated bullcrap he fed her, and she upchucked...

omg, i sooooo wanted to curse C out, but i wasn't the one to do it...

but just understand where i'm coming from. how could one stoop so low as to think that sleeping w a guy would make him become your boyfriend?? to be BLUNT, plain and simple, knowing the type of person R.J. was/is, YOU WERE JUST ANOTHER CHICK TO FUCK ON HIS LLIST!! even if he told you that he had strong feelings for you. like do you not know better, even after it's been told to you.

i don't understand where girls come up w this mentality. and then they wanna get mad when the guy says he doesn't want her! for all you know he may have been saying the same bullshit he's been feeding you to every other girl.

but guess what, there's S, who C's been "in love" w since HS...

so C has been so scared to actually start things w S [that's in HS], yet the feelings are mutual (or so he says). basically C is still waiting for S to come around so they can be together. yeah, yeah i'm not tryna be the anti-love chick, the bitter chick, but things like this don't ever happen: after so long the guy (or girl) realizes what's been in front of them so long, before it's gone. we can leave that for the movies. in real life, ppl move on; no one has time to wait around for someone to come to their senses. ppl get too old for all that.

C's told S how she feels [i guess] but once again it's like a now go, because he doesn't want to go there, there's always some excuse that the guy is gonna give you...

i'm too tired to go on lol

does anyone understand where i'm coming from??

do you know ppl who are in this same situation??

are YOU in this type of "dilemma" (state of mind)??

Pls share. Thanx.