Friday, August 6, 2010

Shoe Game

I spotted some really cute booties on Victoria's Secret's site!!! I am planning to get them!!!

The Colin Stuart Lace-up Bootie.

I couldn't get a pic of them, but I will describe them to be similar to the Alex Wang lace-up booties, with a covered toe, and thicker heel. LOVE!

Check them out HERE.

** I think that Victoria's Secret has some awesome stuff on their site/in catalog... idk how many people actually purchase their things besides underwears, P.I.N.K. and beauty items, or how many try to play them but I would get quite a few things from them!! Don't miss out!

**UPDATE: I eventually picked these babies up! However I bought them a size too big [a 10] thinking that they'd fit better, and now they're sold out :( I wear them like that anyways, but I think they hurt my feet because they're so big grrrr