Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Things I wanna do..

There's a couple things that I'm wanting to do right now:

~ Live in Paris for at least a year
~ Visit Ibiza, Dubai [a friend just went there!], isle of Ios/Santorini [Greece], Australia,
~ Live in L.A. asap! I'm planning on moving there after graduation [Dec '11], maybe one
   of my bffs will come with :D
~ Have a crazy shoe collection!
~ Get all the Kings of Leon albums! I only have their latest, 'Come Around Sundown'. I
~ Work out [I have no gym membership while at home, and idk what to do with my
   yoga mat besides a lil yoga and some crunches!]
~ Be in love, oh so sappy, but not in a desperate way...
~ Release a handbag line...  I already have a few sketches...

All this versus the things I've been doing lately since school let out for winter:

~ Run errands with my mother aka drive her around!
~ Watch movies
~ Eating a couple Hershey Kisses Candy Cane flavor, which I have to say are pretty
~ And today, catching up on the blogs I follow via Google Reader! So much missed!

And things I NEED to do:

~ Proposal for possible Miss African Penn State
~ Read a [good] book

I haven't even hung out with my bffs from home :((