Monday, May 23, 2011

It's National Vegetarian Week!

This is new to me!

And here's my thoughts:

~ I tried giving up "meats" aka CHICKEN, since it's the main meat I eat, for Lent this year... I have to say that it was a bit hard. Hard, especially when my friends and I went to Mad Mex on late nights for half-off, and everyone else was having Los Wingos aka Mad Mex wings. Ugh!!!! Then I found out that during Lent there was a free day, Sundays, only to find out from my friend that she "lied" to me, because that only works if you're like Catholic! And this was after eating chicken on like two Sundays, I felt bad then I didn't, I guess, cause it wasn't like I just indulged on chicken and totally pigged out, cause I didn't!

~ That being said! I'm not sure if I could truly become a vegetarian! My same friend who became a veg after Lent two years ago, has gone back to eating chicken WINGS... Yeah my sister's veg, but idk... It's a whole lifestyle change I think, I'm not so sure if I'm ready for it...

~ BUT! I am willing to do it for this week! Without cheating! [Yep, in fact my dinner consisted of poached tilapia and spinach and corn. Oh and some noodles *guilty] #MeatlessMondays [I've gotta get back to that!]

And for anyone who's interested in participating, join from today till Sunday! And if you're really contemplating goin vegetarian, there's this free vegetarian/vegan starter courtesy of PETA I believe, check it here.

Happy Vegging! : D