Friday, July 8, 2011

More Lady in WHITE

I've recently done bridal posts, even though I'm NOT getting married anytime soon. I wanted to continue in that especially because I saw the Marchesa Fall '11 bridal line in the Bella Naija Wedding section. Note: I enjoy this section because I like seeing how Nigerian culture is done in different people's weddings/marriage ceremonies. As well as the rest of the site featuring fashion, music and lifestyle Nigerian based!

But back to Marchesa, I think I can say that it's appealing to me more and more each time I see something Marchesa. I may not have the money for it, but I do have the eye. And I've particularly like Marchesa when I've seen Miley Cyrus wearing it. I think she also likes the label, being that she's worn a couple Marchesa dresses and gowns.

Also, Blake Lively, whom I also adore, has been spotted in Marchesa:

Anyways, continuing with the bridal theme, here's my picks from the Marchesa Bridal Fall '11 line.

I think that their short dresses would be great picks for an engagement party or as a reception dress! Or even for those that like to be nontraditional.

I definitely think that as with any style of bridal gown, these Marchesa pieces have to go with the personality [and figure] of the woman that wears it. Some of these will be tough to pull off for some, too much for others, or just right for a future bride.

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