Thursday, August 4, 2011


I was going to do a brief post on the new Herve Leger lookbook, but decided against it when I realized that I didn't really like what I saw on Shopbop..

And that begs me to ask, Is Herve Leger played out????

I feel like the brand is renowned for it's body-con dresses, hugging a female's curves in just the right places.

But now, I feel like the there's plenty of knock-off, look-alike dresses in the style of Herve Leger, and the ghetto girls and those not cut for the fit of the Herve style are ruining the image.

Am I wrong to judge, or is there some truth to this? I myself have never worn Herve before, but I feel like I would have to pause myself before I were to actually step out in one of those dresses.