Sunday, January 22, 2012

What A Legacy

It is with sadness that I say, today we, the body of Penn State, have lost someone very dear to us.

Just almost half past 9 o'clock this morning, Joseph 'Joe' Vincent Paterno, fondly known as JoePa to many, passed away. He was admitted recently to Mount Nittany Hospital due to complications of lung cancer. It was just shortly after his rude dismissal from his position as Penn State Football's Head Coach, that he was diagnosed.

Rest In Peace to Penn State's Father & Grandfather, Joe Paterno.

No one can ever replace him. What he has done for my school is on end, 60 years+ dedicated to Penn State and its football program, yet he had to go out in a sad fashion. The most winning football coach in history. We'll remember you forever, Joe!

I'm sure that JoePa LIVED for Penn State. What he did for this school: the library, grants and scholarships. Not to mention the hundreds of young men he raised and touched through the Nittany Lion football program. And for him to be plucked out of this university the way he was, it must have put him in a state of sadness. Regardless of the lung cancer, he had to have died of a broken heart.


Forget that he wasn't perfect [concerning the Sandusky scandal], this man was singlehandedly PENN STATE.