Monday, March 19, 2012

Bringing Fun to Conservative Dress

Suits, blazers, sports coats, collared shirts, ties and slacks. They were all what we'd leave for the uptight, tres serious folks down Wall Street, Capitol Hill and the firms. But we've seen the re-emergence of the suit and tie OUTSIDE of the workplace. We see renditions of the skinny tie, slim blazer and trousers at parties, clubs, church! and it's a great, great look.

That being said, I was glad when I stumbled upon a post on FreshWallStreet on the brand Mr. Bathing Ape. Now, everyone should've heard by now about the A Bathing Ape/BAPE brands, and although I'm not too into the brand, I think I know BAPE when I see it. Also, I'm not familiar with the Mr. Bathing Ape brand, I'm just hearing of it. But I def liked what I saw.

Mr. Bathing Ape FW 11

So, Mr. Bathing Ape is a brand by Bathing Ape along with United Arrow, and it brings the fun and quirk of BAPE to the ole suit and tie uniform. Just think "grown up Bathing Ape". With this brand we get herringbone and leather with camo and fun graphics on pocket squares and loafers. I think it's a charming way for those laidback guys to look and feel a part.

Here's some pieces from their fall collection.

type creepy
Love these

What do you think of Mr. Bathing Ape?

photos via High Snobiety and FreshWallStreet