Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Damsel in White

Here in DC, and some parts of the East Coast, we've been enjoying some pretty mild weather - think mid 50s - for Dec. But according to the news, snow storms were coming our way (ended up only being like 2in. in my neighborhood, while it was bad enough to flip cars in other places). Looks like winter's ready to make hr entrance!

AND, as we've been dutifully enjoying, reeling, and anticipating an episode of Scandal every Thursday, and the days in between, I thought it'd be nice to get into some Olivia Pope style white coats. Not only will you look like a loyal gladiator, here's a great way to look fab this season, and "blend in with the elements."

Below you'll find your Pope coats, in the highs and lows of prices. Enjoy.

Mid-length jacket Women's - GIAMBATTISTA VALLI
Giambattista Valli - get it here

Valentino - get it here

Berek - get it here

be a sporty Pope in this North Face - get it here

White + Warren Shaker Sweater Jacket
White + Warren sweater - get it here

Anne Klein walker - get it here

What are some of your picks, or ideas, for Olivia Pope white coats this season?