Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh God, could my life get any worse...

ughhhhhhhhh................ seriously, why me? [btw, i like that song also, why me? ft. musiq soulchild - ice cube] i woke up today, and found out i can only make emergency calls from my phone! then upon that my money transfer didnt come through. and know i just checked my school email to find out that i have a hold on my account which is going to prevent me from registering for spring courses on tuesday!!! WHY?!?

okay, so it seems like my daddy hasnt paid our phone bill yet, huh? i wonder what other bills havent been paid yet..... woke up to see that i dont have any money in my account, and now i cant even go to walmart and get some bottled water, that i just found out that i've run out! and then i wake up to see that my friends finished my juices while i was sleep! what else could go wrong? oh yeah, mel has a flat, and dont really wanna drive nowhere. we were supposed to have brunch at panera, how gay LOL. ugh, and im gettin hungry! since i got up, i just had a jimmy dean breakfast sandwich and a lil burrito....why, why why