Friday, November 14, 2008

Once Again

yes, once again i am bored. i missed my sociology class this morning because i woke up late. oh well, we dont do anything in the class anyways.... however my friend mel/melnay told me that there was a very good presentation i missed. i went to my propaganda class at 10. we had a debate about whether there are subliminal messages and whether they are effective.

well, i only have two classes on fridays, so i went to chill with my ex roomie. and we started to play pictionaryman, which is like the new version of pictionary, it's mad cool.

melnay called me to see what i was doing, and asked me to meet her and the rest of our friends in the cafeteria.... had lunch and sat for like an hour... we were gonna go to this house, that is going to be on extreme makeover, and say "move that bus!" you know, like how they do on the show, but we couldnt find out where it was exactly.... so scratch that off of today's to do list, and life experience list LOL. well, maybe we'll go to the olive garden tonight... idk, like i said before, i am broke. hopefully tomorrow, my automatic transfer will come through so i can try to survive one more week before i go back home to d.c. for thanksgiving. yay!!!! lls.

im just gonna take a lil nap, maybe like 30 mins [you know, don't wanna mess up my REM sleep], then do some work in my french workbook, maybe i'll try to find some more info for my marketing project. *sigh*