Saturday, December 20, 2008

I can't take this, i can't take this

not another day.

yo im so sick and tired of laying around my parents house with nothing to do. i been trying to get a job, applying here and there, but everyone's already fully staffed, or not hiring till after the first!!!! cra-s-y. man, if only i can get the job at my last resort. i aint tryna be at home the home xmas break, with no cash flow, that beyond possible, and i gotta get a secret santa gift for my person, who just so happens to be a abercrombie and fitch person. i was thinking of her a couple abercrombie sweaters, in colors other than navy blue, blue or gray, cuz they seem to be the main colors she has: boring! well at first i got my friend la von, but she is a tuff one. she likes betsey johnson and just about anything urban outfitters, free people, that vintage type of stuff. but the thing is that you get her stuff she like, and its a possibility you might have just picked up the one thing she aint like in the store! that y when i heard mel was gonna have her own name, i did the ol' switcheroo. and we all kno xcept her. lol. but i already figured out who got who. it's only five of us, so it aint dat hard to figure. i got mel, la von got me, mel got la von, berniemac got doms, and doms got berniemac. cool huh? maybe next yr we'll include the guys, but that is if they decide to come back home, cuz they got new friends and dont know how to act.

but anyways: God plz get me this job!! i beg!!! you came through with this semesters grades, and i know that you'll come through once again!