Monday, December 22, 2008

OMG it was tooooo cold

wow, i just got back from harris teeter [pls lemme get this job Lord] but i really shldve turned back home and gotten a longer coat. i went outside with my peacoat, and even though it has extra lining, it was mad cold outside. christ! it must have been below freezing, and the wind! now im in my room drinking some hot ginger drink via nigeria thanx to gma! [muawh] but yeah, i walked all the way to the train, bcuz the bus already left. then wn i was comin back, the bus came a couple minutes late. so i was in the cold probly a cld 30 mins today! and i did a lil shoping and forgot to pick up silk soymilk, well its aight cuz ima just wait for my dad to come home. and either he gon pick it up on his way back from work, or we'll just drive down to safeway. and you know the worst part of this is that my feet are still cold even though i been home for like half an hour now. never wear chucks in the winter! they arent made for the winter. matterfact chuck taylor needs to put warnings on their shoes: NOT MADE FOR WINTER. BE ADVISED NOT TO WEAR DURING WINTER. lol. im gonna sit by the vent to heat up some more.